Dixie D’Amelio shows off brutal black eye after drunk accident

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio shocked fans after showing off the gnarly black eye she’d gotten after a tipsy accident left her majorly bruised — and it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank.

Dixie D’Amelio is a budding music artist and one of TikTok’s most-followed creators, boasting over 56 million fans on the viral video app.

These fans were stunned to see the influencer with a massive black eye during an Instagram live stream on April 1… and it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day prank.

During the stream, Dixie showed off the damage that had been done to her left eye, which was extremely swollen and colored a dark purple. She’d also ruptured some blood vessels in the eye, causing a bright red coloration on the sides of her eyeball.


Viewers were stunned to see the TikToker in such a state and rushed to ask her what happened — and it turns out that the injury was the result of an accident that happened while she was tipsy.

According to the TikTok star, she’d gone home early after a night out drinking and accidentally hit her eye against a pocket door in her house.

She didn’t realize how hard she’d been hit until the next morning, and claims that the bruising looks so severe due to a type of medication she’s on that causes her to bruise easily.

Although she claimed she’s a bit embarrassed about the whole ordeal, she managed to joke with her fans about the wild accident, who both roasted her and wished for her speedy recovery during the live stream.

Dixie has historically been open with her fans about her health history. The music artist famously opened up about her struggles with PMDD in 2022, and has also explained to viewers that she suffers from “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures” that have caused her to end her concerts early in the past.

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