What is a Spotify Pie? How to use chart tool explained

Rosalie Newcombe
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Spotify Pie transforms your listening history into an easily digestible pie chart, and if you’re wondering how to use it, we’ve got a step-by-step guide.

Each year, Spotify unveils ‘Spotify Wrapped‘, giving you a glimpse at your listening habits and history over the last year. From insights into your top-played artists, songs, and favorite genres, the annual event is one of the streaming services’ best features. Yet, not everyone can wait an entire year to get detailed insights into their music-listening ways.

That’s where Spotify Pie comes in. Throughout social media, you may have spotted fellow Spotify users sharing pie charts, showing off their varied music tastes. These charts are generated through Spotify Pie, a third-party Spotify app.

To make some music pie-charts of your very own, and analyze your music listening history, we’ve got all you need to know about how to use the Spotify Pie.

What is Spotify Pie?

Screenshot of some Spotify Pie results, on top of the Spotify app homepage.

Spotify Pie is a third-party online tool that takes your music listening history on the Spotify app and transforms it into a fun and easy-to-understand pie chart. Developed by Darren Huang, the Spotify add-on breaks down the genres you listen to the most and organizes them into a colorful segmented display.

Each of your most listened-to genres will be generated from your Spotify account, and visualized on a bright, and colorful pie chart. Alongside a short list of your most listened-to artists, which will be listed underneath.

The genres will be generated from your Spotify account and can be anything from “British Indie Rock” to “video game music“, and even more precise and bizarre genres you don’t expect. The genres listed will be dependent on what you’ve been listening to the most this month. So, if you want to break down exactly how much you listen to Taylor Swift after watching the Eras Tour movie, it’ll have you covered.

How to use Spotify Pie

Screenshot of the Spotify Pie homepage on top of the Spotify app.
  • Go to the Spotify Pie website
  • Select ‘Login with Spotify’
  • Enter Spotify login details
  • Select ‘See Your Spotify Pie’

Instead of a dedicated app on your smartphone, Spotify Pie has its own dedicated website, hosted by GitHub. To use Spotify Pie, visit the website and select the green ‘Login with Spotify’ button.

From here, an external dialogue box will appear, asking you to log in with your Spotify details, As a third-party app, Spotify Pie has no official affiliation with Spotify, so it’s up to you if you want to continue. Spotify Pie won’t gain access to your payment details and instead needs your account details to generate your monthly chart.

After a few seconds, the Spotify Pie homepage will now state your Spotify Pie is ready. By clicking on the green button labeled ‘See Your Spotify Pie’, the website will reveal your freshly-baked Spotify Pie.

If you want to share your Spotify Pie results (like we’ve done above) there’s no built-in sharing option on the Spotify Pie website. Instead, you’ll have to use alternative methods to screenshot your results to post your personalized Spotify Pie on social media.

Is there an Apple Music alternative to Spotify Pie?

As it stands, there are currently no Apple Music alternatives to Spotify Pie. The Spotify Pie website is only functional with Spotify, and cannot be used with your Apple Music account. Neither is there an Apple Music equivalent to Spotify Pie, that can take your Apple Music details and visualize them in a similar method. However, if you are patient, you can check out Apple Music Replay once a year, much like Spotify Wrapped.

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