TikTok Taylor Swift Eras Tour experience: How to unlock exclusive beads

Alice Sjöberg
Taylor Swift performing, phone with TikTok event

Taylor Swift has the world wrapped around her finger – and that includes TikTok, who have just announced a new #TSTheErasTour in-app experience that Swifties will love.

Since the start of the Eras Tour in March 2023, TikTok has been the go-to platform for fans to not only livestream their concerts to Swifties across the world but also share clips and their experiences of the concerts.

Now, TikTok is embracing Taylor Swift fans on the platform by introducing an in-app experience for Swifties across the globe.

What is the Taylor Swift Eras Tour experience on TikTok?

TikTok has introduced a new way for fans to take part in the Eras Tour, no matter where they are in the world thanks to a brand new experience.

Every week, fans will have the opportunity to complete new album-themed tasks where they will earn themed-profile frames and digital beads to create their own in-app friendship bracelet. Fans who complete all 11 weeks of tasks will receive a celebratory final Swiftie profile frame.

The experience will feature video highlights from each tour stop and a playlist tied to each week’s album theme.

A header of Taylor Swift shows up when searching for #TSTheErasTour

How to find the #TSTheErasTour experience on TikTok

To access the TikTok event, fans can click the anchor that appears alongside Taylor Swift content on TikTok or interact with the search banners that appear when searching related terms such as #TSTheErasTour.

This does only seem to work through the TikTok app and it has not been revealed if it will be introduced for desktop users.

How to collect the Taylor Swift album beads

Every week, there are five challenges you need to complete in order to unlock that week’s bead. For every week you finish the task, there is a limited-time profile frame you will be able to unlock.

TikTok has gone all-out by creating challenges for Taylor Swift fans to do

In total, there are 12 weeks of challenges to complete in order to unlock all the different beads and profile frames. If you unlock all 11 rewards, you will rewarded with a certified Swiftie profile frame that resembles a friendship bracelet.

Week one: The Tortured Poets Department bead

For week one, to collect the Tortured Poets Department bead you had to complete five different tasks which included:

  • Follow Taylor Swift on TikTok
  • Follow Taylor Nation on TikTok
  • Share the page
  • Watch a #TSTheErasTour video
  • Create a post with the hashtag #THETORTUREDPOETSDEPARTMENT

Week two: Midnights bead

For the second week, which ran from June 27 – July 3, users had to complete three challenges to get the Midnights bead. These were:

  • Watch a #TSTheErasTour video
  • Share the page
  • Create a post with the hashtag #TSTheErasTouronTikTok

Week three: Evermore bead

For the third week, running from July 4 – 10, there were three more challenges to do in order to get the Evermore bead. These included:

  • Share the page
  • Watch a #TSTheErasTour video
  • Create a post using the Willow sound with the hashtag #TSTheErasTouronTikTok

It comes after the singer worked with TikTok for the release of her 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department in April 2024, when fans were invited fans to celebrate the release on TikTok by using the hashtag #TheTorturedPoetsDepartment, while also creating challenges for users to unlock exclusive album artwork for fans’ profiles.

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