Spotify Wrapped 2023: How to get a Blend playlist

Connor Bennett
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Spotify Wrapped 2023 is finally here, and you can now make Blend playlists with some of your closest friends to share your top songs and genres. Here’s what you need to know.

For the past few years, when the calendar gets ready to tick over from November to December, Spotify users eagerly await the release of Spotify Wrapped

Wrapped brings together all of your listening stats for the last 12 months, creating dedicated playlists based on your tastes. Oh, and there are also the fun graphics about your favorite artists, songs, and podcasts that you can share with your friends and on social media too. That’s a big part of things.

This year is no different, with Wrapped finally going live on November 29. However, there is also another part of it – Blend. 

How to get a Spotify Wrapped 2023 Blend playlist

Blend has been around on Spotify for a little while, but it’ll get a little bit more love now that Wrapped is here. 

Essentially, it allows you to invite a group of friends to make a daily playlist. Spotify does all the work for you by matching your closest tastes in music together. So, if you’ve got a group of friends who love Taylor Swift and The 1975, you’re going to have a lot of their songs on there – plus ones that match the vibe. 

It’s pretty easy to do, too. You just head over to the Wrapped section on the Spotify mobile app, click Create a Blend, and you can start inviting your friends. 

  1. Open the Spotify app
  2. Scroll to the Wrapped section 
  3. Click ‘Create a Blend’
  4. Invite your friends to the Blend
  5. Once they’ve joined, your Blend playlist will appear!

Once a few friends have joined, Spotify will start to blend your music tastes together for a playlist that updates on a daily basis. 

Plus, you can also view your ‘Blend story’ to see which friends you have the closest taste in music with – if you didn’t know that already.

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