How to make Spotify AI playlists on iOS & Android

Sayem Ahmed
Spotify AI playlist beta in green with colorful pink and orange lettering

Spotify has launched a ChatGPT-like AI playlist generator: Here’s how to use Spotify’s AI playlists on iOS and Android.

Spotify has launched a tool that allows you to create playlists based on a ChatGPT-like text prompt and AI. The company has released the tool to users of the Spotify app for iOS and Android, with a rollout of the tool coming to users in the UK and Australia first, before rolling out to the rest of the world.

The tool uses a language learning model, or LLM to process your text input and turn it into a playlist. These can be anything to suit a particular mood, to something more personal, such as a playlist featuring artists you’ve never heard of before. This is because the AI tool has access to your listening history (which can also be collated into a Pie chart) and overall preferences.

To use Spotify’s AI Playlist beta, follow the steps below.

1. Update or install the Spotify app

Spotify on the App store

First, you want to update or install the Spotify app on your iOS or Android phone. This will ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed. If the app is already running, close it and open it again. Then, log into your account.

2. Select “Your Library” & tap the “+” button

Spotify AI create button on the app

Then, you will want to select the “Your Library” segment at the bottom of the app. Once you are there, tap the plus sign on the top-right-hand side of the screen.

3. Tap “AI Playlist” and type out a prompt

Spotify AI text prompt

If the AI Playlist feature is available in your country, select the option, which will move you to another screen where you can type out a prompt. Here, you can input the kind of playlist you want. You can list genres, to moods, and even scenarios within reason.

Spotify has also implemented guardrails in place to prevent you from accessing offensive genres and content, which we tested when attempting to use Spotify AI to recommend “NSBM”, an offensive genre of Black Metal, which it flat-out refused, stating: “Let’s keep it inclusive instead. Try something else.”

Here are some prompt examples that you can try out for yourself:

  • “Can you create an upbeat playlist to do the dishes to”
  • “Create a smooth playlist for relaxing on the weekends”
  • “Make an inspirational hip-hop playlist for the gym”
  • “Recommend some grime artists I’ve never listened to before”

4. Curate and create your AI playlist

completed spotify playlist

After submitting a prompt, Spotify AI will then generate a playlist based on your listening history and preferences. You can curate the songs on each playlist with further prompts, or by removing them with a swipe.

Finally, you can also select “Create” in the top right to publish your playlist. You can further edit your AI playlist by selecting it, and then clicking “Edit AI playlist” which will take you back to the curation screen, where you can make further prompts and remove unwanted tracks.