The best Holiday gifts for gamers in 2022

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Wondering what to get for the gamers in your life?  We’ve rounded up some of the best holiday gifts for gamers in 2022 so you won’t have to be met with the face of disappointment this year. 

Looking for a holiday gift for gamers in 2022 can feel like a bit of a curse. What do you do for the person that almost certainly has everything they want? Luckily, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to waste precious time scrolling through endless lists of junk. 

We’ve scoped out options all the way from cheap and cheerful, to some of the best holiday gifts you can open this season. No matter what your budget is, there’s bound to be something on this list that will catch your eye. 

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Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Console

Logitech G CLOUD Gaming HandheldLogitech

Price: $349.99 

Logitech’s G CLOUD handheld has impressed us with its design, ergonomics, and sheer ability to do almost anything you want. You’ll be able to play almost anything, from the most popular AAA titles using XBOX Cloud Gaming to your most demanding PC games via Steam Link.

The best part? It’s incredibly lightweight and has a gorgeous 7-inch screen, which will allow you to stream this year’s biggest and best games. All you’ll need is a good internet connection to unlock thousands of games, all of which can be played at your fingertips. It’s a fantastic option for gamers that want to expand their gaming experience from beyond the traditional PC or console. With the Logitech G Cloud,  you’ll be able to get that AAA experience in the form of a smaller, portable handheld. 

Running on Android, you’ll also be able to use the device as a tablet, just in case you want to catch up on your favorite shows in between games. If this isn’t on your radar yet, it should be, it’s one of the best gifts for gamers in 2022.

Higround Basecamp 65

Higround Basecamp DesignDexerto

Price: $135.00

There are tonnes of gaming keyboards on the market, but Higround, a part of 100Thieves has been putting in the work to create the essential esports gaming keyboard. With oodles of premium features such as silicone dampening, in addition to a hot-swappable PCB, if you wanted to change up the feeling of your keyboard switches.

In our review, we loved the premium PBT keycaps and their design, in addition to the included pre-lubed switches and stabilizers. It’s not too often that we wax lyrical about a non-custom gaming keyboard, but Higround’s gaming keyboards are simply leagues ahead of mainstream competitors. With customizable RGB lighting throughout the board, the Higround Basecamp 65 is going to fit into just about any gaming setup.

It’s almost certainly the best 65% keyboard that we’ve ever tested. If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for a PC gamer into esports, then this is one of the best options you could possibly consider.

CASETiFY Phone Cases


Price: From $29.99

With so many options for phone cases, it can be tough to choose what to protect your device with. However, CASETiFY offers a unique spin, not only are many created from recycled, old phone cases, but they also have a heap of designs that make them most eye-catching than others on the market.

CASETiFY also regularly collaborates with brands and artists for some spectacular-looking cases. So, no matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung, or a Pixel phone, you can count on the fact that you’re not only getting a sustainably-made case but one that also has an incredibly snazzy design, too. One of its most recent collaborations was for God of war Ragnarok, too, so don’t sleep on one of the best gifts for gamers in 2022, as they tend to sell out fast.

HORI Split Pad Compact

Split Pad Compact headerDexerto

Price: $49.99

For a Nintendo Switch gamer, then you might want to pick up the HORI Split Pad Compact. As the name implies, it’s a Joy-Con replacement that works in handheld mode only. The twist here is that the controller is ergonomically designed to shape around your hand, and also has additional features like a dedicated D-pad, in addition to a turbo function.

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One of the best features of the HORI Split Pad Compact is the assignable button on the back, you can bind this to any key on the controller, allowing you to get around any tricky control schemes for certain games. At just $49.99, this is a great addition for any gamers who like to use their Switch while out and about.

Steelseries Arctis Nova 7

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X wireless headset side profileDexerto

Price: $179.99

The Steelseries Arctis Nova 7 is one of the best gaming headsets that we’ve reviewed. Coming in at a modest price point, the Arctis Nova 7 brings features and design from the higher-end models into a more affordable price point.

With crystal-clear audio, in addition to a stellar microphone, the Steelseries line of headsets are all fantastic, and the wireless connectivity of the Arctis Nova 7 means that you can also use it on your PC, too. We adore Steelseries gaming headsets, and it’s for a good reason. They’ll manage to play games, music, and almost everything else you throw at them with absolute ease. It helps that the Steelseries GG software is excellent, to boot.

Minecraft: Master Builds Book

Minecraft gift Master Builds bookMojang / Amazon

Price: $36.00

One of the best things about Minecraft is being able to create and admire beautiful builds. From creative colosseums to marvelous mansions, you can make anything you desire within this survival game. Now, you can own a brand new book that will provide some fantastic building inspiration as well as the minds behind some of these mesmerizing creations.

The book itself is reasonably priced and would make a fantastic gift for any Minecraft fan or avid reader looking for some new inspiration. It’s also one of Mojang’s newer gift releases, meaning there’s little chance of buying something a Minecraft fan may already have.

Dungeons & Dragons Behold Book

Dungeons and dragons bookWizards of the Coast / HarperCollins Publishers

Price: $10.99

Dungeon and Dragons books can be a little pricy for a holiday gift, and it can also be tough to know what sourcebooks your D&D fan already has. One thing they might not have is the Dungeons & Dragons Behold! A Search and Find Adventure book.

Illustrated by the same artist who drew the best-selling Where’s Wookiee series, this book is essentially Where’s Waldo but for D&D lovers. It’s a fun must-have for any Dungeons and Dragons fans that will be great to have on display on one’s coffee table.

Next Level Games Review 2023 Book

Next Level Games Review book giftHarperCollins Publishers

Price: $24.00

Looking to take your gaming know-how to the next level? Look no further than the Next Level Games Review 2023 book. This book includes a recap of the last 12 months in the gaming world as well as everything you need to know about previous eSports news.

On top of that, it also has tech advice, some new game recommendations, and fascinating trivia about all your favorite titles. If you’re looking for gifts for gamers in 2022 and don’t know what to get, this is a fantastic place to start.

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