Elden Ring has now been cleared by a blindfolded speedrunner in just 2 hours

Elden Ring blindfold speedrunFromSoftware

A speedrunner has broken a record by completing a run of Elden Ring while blindfolded in just over two hours.

Elden Ring was first released on February 25, 2022, with the game serving as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, featuring the usual character builds, magic, and combat paired with a brand new and vast open world in which players spend hours upon hours getting lost in.

Following its release, fans of the game were quick to begin their speedrunning campaigns, with many viral videos of the game showcasing new tricks and skips along the way.

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However, for Elden Ring player Pennek on Twitched, beating the game with restricted sight was the latest challenge and one that they were able to achieve when speed-running the game. Pennek blitzed through Elden Ring while blindfolded, uploading the run-through on Twitch in a stream that has now gone viral all across Reddit.

In the viral clip, Pennek can be heard shouting “I did it dude” multiple times when finally beating the game blindfolded, completing the game in just over two hours. Reddit is filled with comments from fellow gamers expressing their happiness and awe at the Elden Ring blindfold speedrun.

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Elden Ring was the 2022 Game of The Year, with the newest title from the Dark Soul developers captivating gamers all across the globe. Since releasing at the beginning of last year, Elden Ring has already managed to surpass 20 million game sales. 

In our review of the game, Dexerto wrote that “Elden Ring finally marries the satisfying heft of the Dark Souls combat system with an open-world environment.  It’s impossible not to compare Elden Ring to the Dark Souls games, as they were the canvas that this game was painted onto, but it’s a hell of a starting point.”

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