shroud joins PC builder MAINGEAR as co-owner alongside custom PC launch

Dylan Horetski
Shroud MAINGEAR partnership

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has joined custom PC builders MAINGEAR as co-owner and advisor to the company and launched his own custom-branded gaming computer alongside the announcement.

Over the last decade, shroud has grown to become a household name in Twitch streaming and Esports.

Amassing an insane follower count of over 10 million, the former Counter-Strike pro recently came out of retirement to fill a spot in Sentinels’ Valorant team.

Now, he’s joined PC builders MAINGEAR as co-owner and advisor to the company alongside the launch of his own custom-branded computer.

shroud joins MAINGEAR as co-owner and launches custom PC

In a recent announcement, shroud revealed that he’s partnered up with MAINGEAR as an advisor and co-owner of the company.

When asked why he chose the New Jersey-based company, he replied: “I spent much of my professional career constantly hunting for the best hardware, looking for any performance advantage — first as a competitor, and now as a creator.”

“Since I bought my first system from them, MAINGEAR has been powering my gaming and streaming setups, and the craftsmanship and performance delivered are second-to-none.”

Alongside bringing shroud into the company, they’ve worked together over the last year to launch their newest gaming PC, the MAINGEAR MG-1, and the MAINGEAR MG-1: shroud Edition.

This partnership isn’t the first time shroud has revealed his own custom-branded gaming products, either. Last year, he partnered with Logitech to create his own G303 mouse to match his custom-branded G Pro keyboard.

shroud isn’t the first creator over the last year to invest in a PC-building company, either. Back in August, OTK Network partnered up with MoistCr1TiKal to create Starforge Systems.

We’ll have to wait to see what kind of stuff shroud and MAINGEAR have up their sleeves in the future.

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