OTK & Moistcr1TiKaL launch new PC building brand Starforge Systems

Sayem Ahmed
Asmongold trapped in a PC-building dungeon

Streamer organization OTK has teamed up with Moist Cr1TiKaL to launch a brand-new PC Building company, named Starforge Systems.

OTK, the influencer organization that manages huge names like Asmongold, Emiru, and more has just announced that they are going to be partnering up with streamer Moistcr1TiKaL to launch a new PC system integrator, named Starforge Systems.

Starforge Systems is looking to leverage its creator network in order to tap into the PC-building market, with the industry as a whole surpassing a value of $36.5 billion USD. Additionally, the system integrator market is due to grow by over 6% through 2026, meaning there’s a load of money to be made.

However, Starforge Systems will also be specifically partnering with its creator network to highlight products on Twitch. It feels like a move cut from the same cloth as the ill-fated Artesian Builds, which was an OTK stream sponsor until the company collapsed.

OTK members with a Starforge Systems PC
These two are unreasonably excited for what might be one of the most boring PCs we’ve ever seen used for a shoot.

Interestingly, the company also states that there will be “one-off” streams and videos in the future, including a pop-up shop with Asmongold and Mizkif, in addition to “mock” tech support calls with Moist cr1TiKaL.

But, it’s not going to be all fun and games for Starforge Systems, as they will also be putting a particular focus on customer service, something that many PC system integrators still manage to struggle with, which is something Linus Tech Tips sought to highlight a couple of years ago.

Starforge Systems boasts that they will have an “unrelenting commitment to product quality” in addition to “best-in-class service” to all customers worldwide, according to a press release.

Right now, Starforge Systems has a range of prebuilt PCs available right now on their store, stating that they might have a slightly extended lead time. There are currently four PCs available, ranging from $999 all the way to $3,499. It is fairly early for the company right now, but its promises are quite lofty indeed.

Only time will be able to tell if the company manages to measure up to its promises as stated in the announcement. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on Starforge Systems to see exactly what they are bringing to the market, and how they might measure up to their competitors.

You can check out Starforge Systems’s website here.

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