Samsung revealed a gaming handheld at CES and no one noticed

samsung gaming flexFederico Ini/Samsung

A video has surfaced from CES, featuring a Samsung rep holding a folding gaming handheld concept named the “Samsung Gaming Flex”.

With CES having gone and Samsung’s showpieces returning to the void of conceptualization, a weeks-old video has surfaced showing a foldable handheld device intended for gaming. This isn’t the first new gaming handheld device we’ve seen, as the Logitech G-Cloud was released last year, and the Razer Edge launched in January.

In a video spotted by Retrododo, YouTuber Federico Ini is shown a quick demo of what Samsung has dubbed “Gaming Flex”. The non-gaming show saw this nifty device go under the radar alongside their Flex designs, concepts, and upcoming products.

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if Samsung is committed to the idea. The Flex Gaming device is simply playing a video, to give the idea of what a device like this could become. As such, don’t expect a fully-realized handheld device to be released any time soon.

The demo has a racing game, with all the needed information sitting below on half of the screen. Unlike the Z Fold, it hasn’t got a screen on the outside, allowing you to fold it down and protect the inside, like a Z Flip.

The market might be getting a little crowded

Non-gaming companies are currently making the leap over into the $200 billion industry. Logitech, while makers of hardware to play games, released their own handheld last year. In a recent video from TakiUdon, Lenovo had a handheld in the works too.

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Samsung isn’t even new to adding gaming to their lineup, as certain TVs will now come with game streaming built in. However, releasing a new handheld in a market dominated by them seems to be an odd choice.

What’s more interesting is that until now, it appears no one paid much attention. The video in question is sitting at 1.8K views, while a CNET video at the booth didn’t even mention it. Another video, with 900~ views, is also one of the only ones to cover the device.

It might also be down to the fact that Samsung was demoing other flexible devices, one of which leaked ahead of time.

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