Miyoo Mini handheld to cease production indefinitely due to lack of screens

A Miyoo Mini Running Super Mario 3Dexerto

The highly popular retro handheld, the Miyoo Mini, has seemingly come to an abrupt end, as the manufacturer cannot find a supplier for screens.

One of our favorite handhelds, the Miyoo Mini, has hit a snag in its production. The highly sought-after retro single-board computer (SBC) has reportedly lost access to a much-needed supply of screens.

Sold on AliExpress and other third-party stores, the Miyoo Mini regularly sells out, despite the ever-expanding amount of competition in the space. However, according to a message sourced by a Twitter stock checker for the SBC, they only have 200 complete units left.

Translated from Chinese, the message reads:

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“There [are] no [screens] available for production. [We] need the [screens] to [continue] production. Otherwise, [the] 200 [left] are the last batch.”

With the ongoing electronics shortage only just letting up, Miyoo’s niche need for this particular IPS screen might have a chance at turning around.

The company, however, appears to be all but confirming that the bigger version launching at the end of the month, the Miyoo Mini Plus, will be replacing it.

We suspect that the Miyoo Mini will eventually come back into stock once a screen supplier has been found.

The entire electronics industry has faced shortages across the board, with major brands like Nvidia and Intel only just managing to get back on track. Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 consoles remain in and out of stock on a routine basis.

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What is the Miyoo Mini?

The Miyoo Mini is a small, retro-focused handheld. It comes equipped with the ability to play up to non-DualShock PS1 games. Miyoo hasn’t used Android for its handheld, instead opting to use a fork of Linux, which offers them a little more flexibility in how it performs.

It’s a solid device, with Gameboy and older 4:3 aspect ratio games looking fantastic on the tiny screen. It’s a damn shame to see it go.