Samsung reportedly showing sliding fold phone at CES 2023

Samsung ConceptSamsung/Dexerto

Samsung is apparently showing off hybrid, rollable and foldable phones behind closed doors at this year’s CES 2023.

With CES coming up, it’s no surprise that there is a vast amount of leaks appearing. From laptops, and now phones, it seems the big companies can’t prevent a leaky tub.

According to the Korean outlet ETNews, Samsung will be showing off a new kind of foldable phone at this year’s tradeshow. However, ETNews also reports that it is going to be invite-only, with no plans to show it off to the general public just yet.

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Samsung hybrid folding and sliding phone screen size

Information from their sources indicates that the hybrid device can either be folded or expanded outwards. At its base size, it measures 8 inches, and then 10 when you unfold it. It can then be expanded further by the new sliding technology implemented, bringing it to a rumored 12.4 inches.

At CES 2022, the company showed off Flex S and G panels. This is a new branch of their foldable screens seen on the Samsung Z Fold and Flip, but instead of folding one way, they can be folded twice.

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A smaller, non-folding prototype of the rumored 2023 version was also shown as well, giving some indication of the more finalized product that Samsung plans to ship.

Flex was never released to the general public, as most products demonstrated at CES either fall into the categories of releasing soon or concepts.

It remains to be seen whether or not this makes it out of the supposed private showings at CES, with one Twitter user not expecting it any time soon.

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Flexible and rollable screens are coming

It could be assumed it’s a variation of what LG, TCL, and Oppo have been developing for the last few years.

In 2021, Oppo showed off its rollable, concept handset. This used an expanding screen, which was made up of numerous vertical tiles – as seen in the trailer. Using this technology allowed Oppo to make a concept phone that would be able to expand and retract on a motor.

Since 2021, LG has had a rollable OLED TV on sale. The Signature OLED R is a $100,000 TV that can roll into the embedded speakers. You have to inquire to purchase the device, but it shows off the type of technology that Samsung would potentially implement on their own hybrid phone.

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TCL also had plans for a concept phone in 2020, however, this never came to fruition.

LG and Corsair are in the process of releasing their own gaming monitors with foldable technology as well.