Modder makes custom GTA 6 PS5 & it’s absolutely gorgeous

Sayem Ahmed
Man pouring paint on a PS5

With GTA 6 on the way, one TikToker has already created a custom PS5 faceplate design and it looks fantastic.

Modders are getting pretty wild these days, with so many creative creations coming from beautiful PCs, to retro consoles and even massive floating VR displays. But, sometimes, being a touch more simple can go a long way.

TikToker laleart_ showcased his custom PS5 design, which is appropriately themed around the coming release of Grand Theft Auto 6, which will be released in 2025. But, despite the game still being years away from release, the modder seems like he is brimming with anticipation.

The PS5’s faceplates are white and lightly textured, making the console very easy to customize. The TikTok showcases the modder spraying hues of yellow, pink, and dark blue to create a neon-lit effect on the plastic. They then reveal that gorgeous palm trees have been masked off in a basecoat, creating an incredible-looking contrast for the plate itself. This is again masked off and finished in Black, with the “VI” revealing the neon-soaked summer vibe beneath. Finished off with the game’s title art in two layers, it absolutely pops.

But, that’s just one part of the custom console. There’s a whole other side here, too.

Both sides are incredibly impressive

PS5 faceplate with GTA 6 art

The reverse side houses a portrait of one of the game’s presumed main characters, which is painted in the iconic Rockstar art style, too. The portrait of who we assume to be Lucia is flanked by the same sunkissed gradient backdrop we saw covered over previously.

Thanks to the PS5’s faceplates simply slotting back in easily, it creates a killer-looking custom PS5 console. Considering that we are still a year away from release at the very least, hype for Rockstar’s next open-world epic is certainly building.

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