GTA 6 trailer remade in real-life but fans think the game actually looks better

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 trailer in real life with view of highway

GTA 6’s first trailer is still making waves online since its December 2023 premiere and now it’s even been remade in real life, but fans still think the game looks better.

Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 trailer has been remade countless times already. Users have remade it in Minecraft, by Hyundai and even in GTA V, but a new real-life version of the trailer may be the best yet.

On March 23, DELTA uploaded a video to YouTube that takes most of the moments seen in the GTA VI trailer and recreates them IRL. Beaches, cars, clubs – every scene in the trailer has taken life.

The most interesting parts are when the trailer takes on GTA 6’s focus on social media by using real-life footage of alligators, women dancing on cars, and of course, the infamous Florida Joker.

Just about the only thing that the IRL trailer doesn’t remake is the end scene where Jason and Lucia hold up a store in a masked armed robbery, but aside from that, fans are absolutely in love with it. There’s just one problem… they think the game looks even better than real life!

“Damn the graphics look sh*ttier than the actual game,” one remarked.

“Rockstar trailer looks better,” said another.

“When the game has better graphics than real life,” commented a YouTube user.

The GTA 6 trailer has become one of the most viewed videos of all time. Shortly after its debut, it shattered the YouTube record for most views on a non-music video in 24 hours.

There’s still no word from Rockstar about when the next trailer will be unveiled, but it may be a little while. A new report from Kotaku suggests that the game could end up missing out on its planned 2025 release window and slide into 2026 as development “falls behind.”

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