GTA 6 fans excited by Rockstar’s new AI technology for advanced NPCs and buildings

Michael Gwilliam
Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 cover

GTA 6 is finally set to arrive in 2025. As fans grow eager to hear more about the game from Rockstar, a new patent has players even more excited about the return to Vice City.

The next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series is coming next year. The first trailer for the game has already broken countless records, all without showing any official gameplay.

Leaks have already given players an idea of just how massive the size and scope of GTA VI will be, but new AI technology patented by Take-Two Interactive could make the game even more immersive.

As noted by Reddit user ‘NoDevelopment894,’ Rockstar’s parent company filed patents for new AI technology that could radically change GTA 6’s world, giving players an experience like no other.

New AI technology could make GTA 6 even more immersive

The patent explains how the technology can “procedurally generate building interiors” that will vary depending on the type of building a player enters.

Some examples are shown, stating how kitchen walls, cupboards, couches and bedrooms can differ to create new layouts with their own furnished style and color palettes.

That’s not all, though: GTA 6’s NPCs could also be getting a huge boost from AI. Through this technology, characters will have their own unique responses to world events and behave much more like real people.

Additionally, with social media playing such a key role in GTA 6, NPCs could start taking out their phones and recording wild incidents that occur.

Players were blown away by the AI developments and what it could mean for their own playthroughs once they get their hands on GTA VI.

gta 6 trailer bikini model on rooftop
GTA 6 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games ever.

“The interior AI makes me optimistic that we will have a lot of enterable building. If they could somehow generate interiors every time we want to enter a building would be groundbreaking for such a large game!” a fan exclaimed.

“Give me the real ultimate crime sandbox, Rockstar,” another chimed in.

Others began to brainstorm what playing GTA 6 with this type of AI would be like. One wrote: “Imagine walking during late night downtown and running into a group of drunk NPCs that probably had met just a few hours ago.”

Of course, until Rockstar makes an announcement, take all of this with a grain of salt, as there’s no indication that this technology will be featured in GTA 6 just yet. However, with a second trailer expected later this year, hopefully we get a ton of new details and learn what the devs have in store for us when VI launches.

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