How to enable Bing AI chat via SwiftKey on iPhone

Sayem Ahmed
Bing logo, Swiftkey logo and iPhone on blue background

Wondering how to enable Bing AI chat through SwiftKey on iPhone? We’ve got you covered with this simple guide that will take you to AI nirvana.

Microsoft’s Bing AI is set to take over. With the ChatGPT alternative landing on more devices, you can now access the chat functions straight from the once-dead SwiftKey keyboard on your iPhone. Now present on the app is a Bing Chat icon, which you’ll be able to tap to gain access to all that GPT-4 goodness.

How to set up Swiftkey with Bing AI chat on iPhone


To get started, you first need to download SwiftKey via the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, be sure to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap the SwiftKey icon
  • Tap “Keyboards”
  • Enable SwiftKey by tapping the button on the right
  • Select “Allow full access” and tap the button to the right
  • Open the SwiftKey app
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account
  • Open your software keyboard
  • Tap the globe icon and select “SwiftKey”

After this process, you will now be all set up to use SwiftKey on your iPhone. To get access to Bing AI, all you need to do is to tap the Bing icon, and select “Chat”.

After you select “Chat”, it will open up a new window on the SwiftKey application. Here, you will be able to ask Bing’s powerful GPT-4 AI pretty much any question you so choose.

However, there appears to be no native image generation function that can be used with the SwiftKey app currently.

Is there an official ChatGPT app?

Right now, there are no dedicated, official ChatGPT applications that we would recommend that you download. Until OpenAI itself releases one, Bing AI through Swiftkey seems to be the best bet you have right now.

Is Bing AI available through SwiftKey on Android?

Right now, it appears that the brand-new SwiftKey application is limited to iOS only. Meaning that Android users will have to hold their breath for a little bit longer to see the feature land on their phones.