How to delete all emails in Gmail: A step-by-step guide

Joel Loynds
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Wondering how to delete all emails in Gmail? We’ve assembled a handy guide that’ll have your inbox clean in no time at all.

Deleting every email in your Gmail account is really easy, but it requires just a few steps rather than just a one-click solution.

Since Gmail introduced different tabs and categories for your emails, it’s been a little harder to deal with the ever amounting emails in the account. For free users, this means that the slim 15GB that is shared between Gmail and the rest of Google Drive is rapidly filling up.

To save space on Google services that are free, you might also want to consider deleting files in Google Drive that you no longer need.

Google clearly knows this, as when you select every email in your account, it’ll ask if you want to delete everything. By clicking this, it’ll send all emails of that particular tab to the trash, where you’ll need to permanently delete them to actually recover some space in your account.

How to bulk delete every email in Gmail

To bulk delete all emails in Gmail, select everything, then hit the check box at the top. It’ll first select just the initial 50 or so emails in your inbox, then prompt you to select everything.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll also then need to go back to each other tab and repeat the process. Be sure you’ve checked which emails have landed in the trash, as once you’ve cleared those, that’s it. There’s no real way to recover that information without going through Google itself – which is a chore.

Be sure to delete your spam too

Remember that Spam will also take up some room in your account too, so be sure to click on the side menu, and find the spam folder to begin deleting these.

Thankfully, Google doesn’t require you to double delete the spam, as it’ll fire right out of your account.

If you’ve set up any other personal tabs on your account, these too will need to be deleted as well.

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