Hacker takes over iiTzTimmy’s Valorant account and sends abusive messages to Kyedae

Twitch: iitzTimmy, Kyedae

An unidentified hacker gained access to Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy’s Valorant account, using it to send abusive private messages to Kyedae, follower her diagnosis with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Kyedae, a Valorant content creator, announced she will be starting treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia soon. Upon hearing the news, the Valorant community banded together to send positive messages to Kyedae, wishing her the best of luck with the treatment and recovery.

During March 6 stream, Kyedae started receiving disturbing messages from Timmy’s account related to the diagnosis.

Someone had obtained the streamer’s Valorant account ID and password, logged in, and began messaging Kyedae privately while Timmy was in the middle of a match.

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His chat quickly informed him of this, before Timmy himself witnessed in someone sending Kyedae an absuive message from his account. All of which was clipped on his channel.

Hacker sends disturbing messages to Kyedae from iiTzTimmy’s account

Those are just some of the messages that Kyedae received though, as Timmy did not see all of them on his end of things.

More messages attacking Kyedae can be seen in a clip from her channel.

Fans of both streamers were shocked at the depravity of the hacker behind this attack on Kyedae.

“Can’t even imagine how sad and lonely u have to be to do this,” said one person in an Reddit thread on the topic.

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“Whoever this person is, please get help. Take a good look in the Mirror and ask yourself how you would feel if this was you. Sure, not everyone needs to be a Kyedae fan but to mock her cancer like this AND hacking Timmy’s Valo account is taking this WAY too far.”

IiTzTimmy managed secure his Valorant account and the rest of his stream went on without a hitch, Kyedae herself displayed impressive composure when reading the messages, and while it seems unlikely, fans hope the culprit is identified and punished by Riot.