xQc claims Twitch staff didn’t ban BruceDropEmOff due to “spam reports”

xqc and brucedropemoffTwitch/xQc/BruceDropEmOff

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel says that fellow streamer ‘BruceDropEmOff’ is wrong about being banned over “spam reports” in his return broadcast.

BruceDropEmOff has emerged as a controversial figure on Twitch recently. The streamer infamously resigned from OTK less than a year after joining and then got himself suspended for a month.

The ban was due to ban evasion after Bruce was suspended on his alternate account. Many have suspected the reason for the first ban was due to him calling white people “crackers.”

Shortly after his return stream, Bruce doubled down by holding up a sign that said “f**k dem…” and a box of crackers. After being banned yet again, the streamer claimed he was spam reported, but xQc says he’d heard differently.

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xQc reveals Twitch staff didn’t ban BruceDropEmOff over “spam reports”

During a March 1 broadcast, the French Canadian said he spoke with Twitch staff excessively and learned some very interesting things.

“Spam reports are not a thing,” the former Overwatch League pro said. “I’ve been shown that spam reports that actually end up being a ban on Twitch are not a thing.”

According to xQc, he was both told and shown this by the platform’s moderation team, adding that it’s “not possible” for someone to be banned over spam and it’s simply a “myth.”

“There are no times where it can happen!” he exclaimed.

We’ll have to wait and see how long Bruce remains banned for this time and if he ends up following the path of other streamers by heading to Kick, where content moderation is far more lenient.

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