Higround reveals Gundam Wing capsule drop in stunning 90s throwback

Higround GundamHiground

Higround, makers of enthusiast-grade gaming keyboards has announced its collaboration with Gundam Wing, in a stunning new capsule drop set for release on December 9.

Higround only recently released their Summit 65 keyboards. However, they are ready for what appears to be their final drop for the year. This time around, the 100 Thieves-owned boutique peripheral brand is teaming up with Gundam Wing. This follows from their collaborations with brands like PRIX and Sonic the Hedgehog.

These keyboards look absolutely gorgeous, and have that “Higround” look about them, while still retaining a retro-nostalgia feel with moderate use of translucent plastic.

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What is included in the Higround X Gundam Wing capsule?

Higround Summit 65 GundamHiground
  • 1x Higround Summit 65
  • 2x Higround Basecamp (White & Blue colorways)
  • 3x Keycap sets
  • 2x Mouse mats
  • 1x Jelly bag
  • 2x Pieces of apparel

The brand-new collaboration will be released on December 9, 2022 at 12 PM PT on Higround’s website.

The Summit 65 is equipped with a brand-new variant of its graphic Geo switches. Dubbed “Thin Ice”, with a lighter actuation while retaining the same smooth linear performance as its standard variant. It will also have PBT keycaps and a weighted brass medallion with a custom Gundam design.

The Basecamp series boards have two colorways, White and Blue. They come with all of the fantastic features that we’ve specified in our review. including sound-dampening foam for that “thocky” touch. Every board will also come with a custom number serial number plate.

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Drop celebrates “building and creating”

Higround stated that the drop has taken inspiration from the hobby of making Gundam model kits. This also extends to the capsule’s box designs, which are reminiscent of the iconic model kits. They’ve also created a 90’s styled poster, which looks like the Gundam model adverts of old.

Higround Gundam PosterHiground

Higround makes parallels to the gunpla community in its press release. Both hobbies involve creating, customizing, and being artistic.

Gundam Wing also fits well into Higround’s MO of having fantastic keyboards with a retro touch, as we previously saw with its Sonic the Hedgehog release.

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What is Gundam Wing?

Gundam Wing is a mecha anime made in 1995, and is a part of the titanic Gundam franchise. In the late 90s, Gundam Wing exploded in popularity thanks to being aired on Toonami, and now it remains one of the most iconic anime shows of the 90s.

We’re still reviewing Higround’s most recent Summit 65 release, so we’ll be sure to let you know exactly what we think of their latest efforts very soon.

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