PRIX x Higround Gaming keyboard drop: Specs, release date, where to buy

The PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard illuminated in all its glory.Higround

Everything you need to know about the upcoming PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard collaboration, which is dropping very soon. 

Design studio Higround, owned by esports organisation 100Thieves, has announced a collaboration with streetwear brand PRIX Workshop, to bring out a brand-new mechanical keyboard. Higround has previously collaborated with the likes of sneaker resale company StockX, Attack on Titan and more.

This collaboration with PRIX Workshop hopes to emphasize the “merging of Female Streetwear and gaming”, Higround posted on its website. The drop also comes with its own lookbook, where we see a model seemingly attempting to take a phone call using a keyboard. The accompanying shots give us a good look at the upcoming keyboard and reveal some crucial details about the board itself.

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Prix x Higround gaming keyboard: key specs

Everything that comes in the box with the PRIX x Higround gaming keyboardHiground
Everything that comes in the box for the upcoming drop.

From the images that we have seen of the keyboard so far, it appears to be sporting a compressed 65% form factor. This means that you’ll not have access to the function keys, and is highly optimized for esports gaming.

Not too surprising, considering Higround has previously preferred this layout on their other keyboards. It’s likely that they’ll be using a similar chassis to their previous keyboards. However, it remains to be seen if the board manages to retain premium features like silicone dampening, but it’s highly likely.

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The entire board has a translucent aesthetic, with everything from the chassis to the switches and keycaps being completely clear, echoing the design language that we often saw in the early-00’s with translucent tech being all the rage.

Honestly speaking? We’re here for it. It’s such a breath of fresh air to look at, especially compared to the aggressive hormonal gamer rage vibes you get from brands like Razer and Corsair.

  • Form factor: 65% (with arrow keys)
  • Frame: Translucent
  • PCB: Hotswappable
  • Keycaps: Shine-through with frontal legend
  • Switches: TTC Silent Glacier
  • Connectivity: USB-C

The keyboard will also come with a keycap puller, switch puller and what appears to be a braided USB-C cable in the box, too.

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PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard: price, release date & where to buy

The box of the PRIX x Higround KeyboardHiground
The box also comes with some swanky-looking illustrations.

Being a capsule drop, you can expect to find limited quantities of the board itself, which is launching exclusively on Higround’s website. Considering that PRIX Workshop founder Esther Ng has previously worked with brands like Yeezy, you can expect that this drop is going to be coming in extremely hot.

Where to buy

The PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard will be available on It will not be a generally released item, so this is the only place where you will be able to find the board on sale.

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Release date

The PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard will be released on June 24, 2022 at 12PM PT. Higround members can get early access to the latest drops 15 minutes early by signing up to their mailing list.


You can expect the PRIX x Higround gaming keyboard to retail around $135 and the $155+ mark, based on Higround’s other keyboards with a similar feature set. There is no official price at the time of writing.




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