Save up to $80 on Sony Inzone gaming headsets in this early Black Friday deal

inzone black friday deal

Black Friday has arrived early, with Sony Inzone gaming headsets cut down in price by up to $80. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal.

Sony’s latest addition to their wide range of different electronics has been skirting under the radar for a little while. We enjoyed using the Inzone H9, with its excellent sound. While we did find them a little bulky on the head, your mileage may vary.

However, the H9 only has $20 off, which might not sound like a lot, but it brings it down to a price comparable to the various competitors. Meanwhile, the lower tiers, the H7 and H3 have a much deeper, more palatable price slash.

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Sony Inzone H7 deal

The H7 is pretty much the same, barring the noise canceling being omitted. With this out, the battery life on the H7 has been reported as much better than its more feature-rich counterpart. This means you get the surround sound and easy set up with your PS5 or PS4 from the offset for much less.

Sony has reduced the H7 by a whopping $80, making it a tough choice between it and say, the comparable SteelSeries or JBL headsets that have made their way out in 2022.

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Sony Inzone H3 deal

Meanwhile, the budget-friendly H3 is now at a reasonable low of $79.99, reduced by $20. This is a fully wired headset, rather than the wireless or Bluetooth-enabled devices above. Don’t let that stop you though, as while we haven’t gotten hold of it for review, in our brief time with it during a family gathering, it sounded just fine, and not having to charge the batteries is always a boon.

Either way, it’s going to get plugged into your DualSense controller and become a wireless headset anyway, just with extra steps.

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