Australian retailer causes fervor as PS5 Slim error incites rumor mill

Joel Loynds
Fake mockup of the PS5 Slim

With tonnes of speculation circling the web, an Australian store changing its PS4 Slim listing to a PS5 Slim has caused an explosion of fervor online.

Australian website The Good Guys made a small mistake as they changed a holding page to mention a potential PS5 Slim.

There are no products listed, but what’s potentially a custom piece of text is labeled across the top.

“The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5 – incredibly vivid, vibrant colours with breathtaking HDR visuals and immersion – whether you’re gaming or streaming movies and TV shows.”

The Good Guys website

However, this mention of the PS5 Slim on the website appears to have been debunked. Twitter user NightFlyerTV spotted that the holding text was initially posted for the PS4 Slim, and has been on the website since 2021. The company appears to have simply changed the “4” to a “5”, which has caused an explosion of rumors on the internet.

PlayStation 5 Slim rumors continue to build

The Good Guys are primarily an appliance outlet, selling ovens and TVs. With this in mind, the PS5 Slim being listed was simply due to human error, and is not an indication of a potential release any time soon.

However, there has been a swell of PS5 Slim information since it was initially leaked last year. Speculation indicates that it could eliminate the disc drive, offering it as an external peripheral instead.

Outside of this, there’d be a new chassis holding the innards together. According to leaks and rumors, the new model would include an additional USB-C drive to support the external disc drive, too.

Fake mockup of the new PS5 and disc drive

PS5 consoles caused concern for owners a little while ago when it was reported that the liquid metal inside could leak and damage the system. However, further investigations by the source found it to not be as common as once thought.

When could we see a PS5 slim?

Sony’s PS5 Slim is expected within the next year, due to the pattern the company has held since the PlayStation was originally conceived.

The PS3 and PS4 Slim both launched three years after their original models, while the PlayStation One launched six years after.

While it could potentially follow the PS2’s Slim version released four years after, the inclusion on The Good Guys website indicates it might be closer than originally thought.

The PlayStation 5 has sold 32 million units since its launch in 2020. Some have said this is millions behind the PlayStation 4’s position at the same time. However, the events of 2020 onwards caused an electrical shortage that caused the PS5 console to consistently be out of stock.

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