Viral TikTok shows Walmart potentially “hoarding” PS5s amid stock shortages

walmart playstation 5Mike Mozart Flickr / Sony

A TikTok of Walmart’s PS5 inventory has gone viral, with some users slamming the company and accusing them of “hoarding” the consoles amid shortages.

Walmart and other major retailers are stocking up for the Holiday season shopping spree. An employee revealed the state of one warehouse with dozens of pallets filled with PlayStation 5 consoles stacked over each other.

“This is why y’all don’t have the PS5 because Walmart is hoarding all of them,” user hishamhasan3 said.

The video spark concerns about “hoarding.” People assumed the retail giant was holding their stock to drive up demand before the gift-giving season.

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“They’re holding them till Christmas Season to drive demand to their stores,” one person said.

The clip has been going viral as people expressed their frustration at seeing the stockpile. According to the video’s owner, a lot of the inventory was marked for consoles that have already been claimed but have yet to go out.

“Bro I know it’s super bad,” they said. “Most of them are backup orders.”

Microsoft / Sony
The demand for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles could get higher as we approach the holiday season.

This also spurred speculation of hoarding to affect demand but retailers have been catching up with shipping orders in light of supply chain blockages worldwide.

A global chip shortage is also affecting tech companies and new product launches. The gaming industry has felt the impact of the market and has been trying to adjust accordingly.

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The demand for next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and S have led people to sign up for shock drop notifications and special online queues to register for PS5 purchases.