Amazon developing ChatGPT-like interface for shopping

Sayem Ahmed
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Generative AI is all the rage, and Amazon is next in line with developing its own ChatGPT-like interface for shopping, according to job listings.

ChatGPT was just the beginning of the generative AI arms race happening in the tech industry. Since its introduction, Microsoft, Google, and more have all been quick to implement the groundbreaking new technology in brand-new products.

However, e-commerce giant Amazon clearly doesn’t want to be left behind. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to handle “reimagining Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience”. The report goes further to state that the tool would help to answer queries, compare products and offer personalized suggestions to users.

This seems similar to the new features landing on Google Bard. Amazon comments on the initiative that “This will be a once in a generation transformation for Search”

One particular role highlighted this as part of a novel “AI-first initiative”, with the aim to overhaul the search process using highly advanced deep learning techniques on a grand scale.

Keri Bertolino, a spokesperson for Amazon, confirmed the company’s substantial investment in generative AI across all their operational areas, although she refrained from commenting on the specific job listings. This move could have a profound impact on the company’s main retail operation, considering the ubiquitous use of Amazon’s search bar by millions of customers in pursuit of specific items. According to Jungle Scout’s survey, more than half of US consumers initiate their product searches on Amazon, outperforming Google.

The path to AI dominance is riddled with pitfalls

A robot with what appears to be a smiling face, that also comes across as slightly sinister.

We’ve previously seen early AI implementations of Bing and Bard fall and occasionally give inaccurate answers. This could also be compounded with issues from Amazon themselves, as they also currently push certain product listings to the top of some search queries, and we expect that this will be retained in its AI implementation to some degree.

Generative AI is not going anywhere, and we expect that more companies with means will jump on the bandwagon as time goes on. One company that stands to benefit significantly is Nvidia, which makes advanced AI supercomputers.

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