ChatGPT use cases: 12 examples to use AI effectively

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Looking for examples of ChatGPT use cases? We’ve got you covered with an array of practical applications that get you off the ground with this disruptive AI tool.

Since its introduction, ChatGPT has democratized artificial intelligence and inspired many tech brands to join the generative AI bandwagon.

The astonishing pace at which ChatGPT has been adopted in various industries, business verticals, and more is nothing short of astonishing. Its straightforward user interface made it an instant hit among users who might not be the most technically gifted.

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Following a one-size-fits-all formula, ChatGPT has helped with an array of uses, no matter what the discipline. It’s helped school and college students with their assignments and homework; content creators and copywriters with creating content strategies, or creating scripts, while editors use ChatGPT to edit content, and programmers have even been able to utilize it to even generate code.

However, that’s not all. There are several ways that ChatGPT can be used, though its accuracy is dependent on the prompts that you enter. We’ve summarized some of the best ChatGPT use cases below.

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Customer support

ChatGPT comes in extremely handy in handling generic customer queries. As it comes equipped with natural language processing, it can help respond to customers, address complaints, offer quick resolutions, and more without human intervention.

Financial planning and recommendations

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Opened AI chat on laptop

Though financial planning and stock recommendations require a high level of skill and a deep understanding of the market and are best suited for humans, studies have shown that ChatGPT has been able to pick stocks better than an average fund manager.

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Before investing based on ChatGPT’s suggestions, remember that its data is limited until September 2021. So, we suggest being very careful before investing your hard-earned money based on an AI chatbot suggestion.

You can also use ChatGPT for budgeting and planning your monthly expenses.

Develop applications

Several users have experimented with creating applications with the help of ChatGPT. These successful experiments suggest that ChatGPT can be used to generate code snippets or even write the entire code for various applications.

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While this can come in handy for people who cannot write code, any AI-generated principles should be reviewed before practical implementation.

Help in preparing for exams

ChatGPT schoolUnsplash: @napr0tiv/OpenAI

If you’re preparing for interviews or are looking to write exams, ChatGPT can help you prepare for them. You can ask suggestions for tentative questions and prepare your interview responses.

Similarly, you can ask ChatGPT to solve problems you might face in an upcoming test. ChatGPT can even develop sample test papers to help you better prepare for the interview.

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Write CVs and cover letters

Once you’re ready to face the interview questions, ChatGPT can help you get your dream job by allowing you to fine-tune your CV as well. It can create resumes according to various job openings. You can even ask it to make a custom cover letter, which can improve your chances of landing the perfect job.

Content creation

ChatGPT can be extremely handy for content creators in developing blog posts, ad copy, long-form articles, website content, and more. It can be used to get content ideas and create a content strategy, too.

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ChatGPT is also good at correcting grammar or re-phrasing pre-written content. Just paste the content in the chat box and ask it to weave its magic. It can also help convert your idea into a script for a video.

Review, debug, and analyze code

chatgpt logo jailbreaking

If you’re running late for submission and want someone to review the code for any bugs or errors, you can run it through ChatGPT, which can do the task efficiently.

It can review the code and answer queries based on various assumptions, identify problems or issues, suggest possible changes like an experienced developer, and save you from potential embarrassment.

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ChatGPT is excellent at translating text between different languages. Also, as it uses natural language processing, its translations are more contextual and relevant than machine learning-based translators like Google Translate.

You can use this to respond to client emails and translate stories, books, articles, and other works of literary art.

Generate unique business ideas

ChatGPT can be used to explore new business avenues. If you have a list of ideas you want to work on or need help identifying opportunities, you can ask ChatGPT for help.

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It will give you a list of potential business ideas and assist you in conducting thorough research. For example, if you’re interested in fashion and design, it can give you a detailed insight into fashion trends, fabrics, colors, and more. Just remember to keep its limitations of current trends in mind.

Setting up e-commerce stores

ChatGPT can come in extremely handy in creating web content and helping you write and produce SEO-friendly product descriptions based on your customer persona and target region.

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AI-powered Gaming

WoW ChatGPTWorld of Warcraft

ChatGPT can also help to give you tips to improve your gaming performance. The AI can offer game-specific guides for titles it knows about, and could even help you through a difficult boss battle. 

Neural networks and AI’s outside of ChatGPT can also seamlessly weave disparate characters together, concocting game scripts and dialogue, as shown by Nvidia at Computex 2023.

Health guide and assistant

ChatGPT can create a diet chart and workout program customized according to your health, height, weight, age and dietary habits. This can be designed to monitor your dietary intake and workout regime. WIth the right prompts, ChatGPT could even become your very own personal trainer.

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