Starfield fans jokingly declare game is ‘literally unplayable’ after spotting typo

Jake Nichols

Bethesda’s upcoming title, Starfield, is one of the most highly anticipated RPGs of 2023, yet the game’s community has jokingly declared the game is “literally unplayable” after the discovery of a minor typo.

A Reddit user named ‘Ambitious_Back4748’ posted an image to the Starfield subreddit showing the error, a minor typo on the barrel of a weapon showcased in a Starfield Direct video in June.

The text, which should have read “State of the Art Weapon Frame,” instead read “State of the at Weapon Frame.”

The misprint, though minor, has garnered quite a bit of attention, leading to a humorous overreaction from the Starfield community.

Starfield fans on Reddit chimed in with an array of comments ranging from jokes about the game being set in “Space Boston” to quips about “military grade” realism.

Others have humorously declared their intent to cancel preorders or uninstall previous Bethesda titles such as Skyrim. Yet, some saw the error as an added layer of immersion, noting that it suggests the humans in the game have not yet been replaced by AI.

This discussion originated from the Starfield Direct video released on June 11.

Now, with the game’s scheduled release date of September 6 quickly approaching, fans eagerly await their chance to dive into the vast universe that Bethesda has been teasing.

Starfield has been billed as “Skyrim in space,” with a universe that reportedly features over 1,000 explorable planets.

Utilizing procedurally generated technology, Starfield offers a diverse array of locales, including moons and space stations, fostering an environment rich with exploration.

The anticipation for the game’s release has reached such heights that one fan has even compiled an unofficial 1,000-page compendium of Starfield information.

Although this recent typo has made waves in the community, it’s clear that the anticipation and excitement for the game remain undiminished.

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series X | S on September 6.