Starfield fans stunned by unofficial 1000-page compendium book

Brianna Reeves
Starfield compendium

A Starfield fan has already compiled enough information to create an official compendium book that runs over 1,000 pages long.

Bethesda Game Studio’s newest RPG has captured the imaginations of many prospective players since its announcement five years ago.

Just recently, the studio lifted the veil even more, sharing gameplay footage and a host of new details about its most massive adventure to date.

Starfield is much more than a mammoth-sized galaxy worthy of exploration. It’ll also be packed to the brim with lore and interesting characters. And one future player has already gotten a head start on cataloging all of the need-to-know details.

Starfield fan creates compendium totaling over 1,000 pages

On Starfield’s subreddit, a user named Gokamo revealed that they recently added hundreds of pages to their unofficial “Starfield Compendium.” At the time of writing, the book sits at 1,071 pages long.

The most recent additions totaled 600 pages worth of text, all of which stemmed from details shared during the Starfield Direct in June.

Gokamo said that by the time the game’s 2022 showcase rolled around, they’d created “a 120-page document going through every single interview, trailer, and concept art that had ever been released about Starfield.” The goal was to provide one source filled with everything the public would want to know about the RPG.

The Redditor added later in the post, “When I started working on the Starfield Direct, I never would have guessed that I would reach well over 1000 pages, but here we are.” Those interested can check out the Starfield Compendium’s Google doc here.

Fellow fans are incredibly impressed with the Redditor’s efforts, based on comments to the thread. One user said, “49 years of being a gamer… THIS is the most ridiculous deep dive I have ever witnessed! Thank you this should keep me busy for a few days…”

“You are insane in the best of ways. It’s going to be a fun few hours to read through that,” someone else wrote. Others congratulated the Redditor’s work with words of praise: “Dear Lord, what a piece of work. Congrats! I can’t imagine the amount of time you took to get it done! I really hope your effort will be seen by Bethesda!”

In response to some replies, Gokamo said they hope this document will serve as a “time capsule of what the community knew and thought at various stages before release” – hence the inclusion of uncorroborated rumors and leaks. Evidently, the book is well on its way to becoming just that.

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series X|S on September 6.