Stardew Valley 1.6’s new crop is “nightmare fuel” for unsettled players

Brianna Reeves
stardew valley 1.6 crop

“Nightmare fuel” is what Stardew Valley players have labeled a new crop introduced in the recently released 1.6 update.

The 1.6 patch for Stardew Valley finally landed in March, ushering in myriad tweaks to various facets of the experience. Some of the more notable updates include the additions of the Desert Festival and the new Meadowlands Farm layout.

Interestingly enough, another farming-related change has players feeling a little unsettled. The change comes in the form of another Qi fruit variant, which dons sunglasses like its older counterparts.

Its much larger size and “smug aura” makes the fruit look like the stuff of nightmares, according to Stardew Valley players.

Stardew Valley 1.6 crop
Stardew Valley’s giant Qi fruit

Reddit user Ducks_On_Lilypads said they exited their home in Stardew Valley and was surprised to come upon the sight featured in the above screenshot.

Among their rows of planted Qi fruit sat a giant version of the crop, which takes up nine spaces in the garden. The Stardew player explained, “Winter year 2, I walk outside my house and see this… New variety of giant crop, a giant Qi fruit!”

Other Redditors were quick to share their discomfort in seeing the newly introduced crop. “I don’t like his smug aura. It mocks me,” one person wrote in the comments.

Another unsettled Stardew Valley user described the smug, oversized 1.6 crop as a “[kind of] nightmare fuel.”

Players accessed regular Qi fruit via Mr. Qi challenges introduced in Update 1.5. Apparently, this mammoth-sized variant of the plant will stick around even after the challenges run their course. For now, though, it remains to be seen just how many of the fruit can grow to this size at once.