Stardew Valley 1.5 update is now available on Android and iOS

Stardew Valley 1.5 Mobile updateConcernedApe

Stardew Valley players can now access the 1.5 update on Android and iOS devices. The announcement comes with warnings that there are known bugs on both types of devices.

Stardew Valley fans can finally access everything in the 1.5 update on mobile devices following an announcement by developer Concerned Ape. The 1.5 update initially release for PC on December 21, 2020, after months of teaser content and social media posts from the developer.

The 1.5 Stardew Valley update introduces plentiful new gameplay options. This includes the region of Ginger Island, new NPCs, expanded crops and fruit trees, and many other additions. The update also notably added the new “Beach” farm layout and created a robust end-game filled with new challenges.

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While Stardew Valley’s update has been available on consoles and PC for years, many fans who enjoy playing on mobile devices and tablets have had to go without the expanded gameplay. Thankfully, the wait for coconuts, bananas, and new areas on Android and iOS devices has come to an end.

ConcernedApe announces Stardew Valley 1.5 on mobile devices

In a Twitter update by ConcerenedApe, the developer announces, “The mobile 1.5 update has been submitted for iOS and Android, and will start rolling out to users over the next few days. The update should already be available to some on Android.”

Additionally, in follow-up tweets, the Stardew Valley developer goes on to add that “1.5 mobile is, to some degree, a completely new rewrite of the mobile app” and that they are “aware of some bugs and issues with both versions and we’re working to fix them as quickly as possible.”

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The update is an important step for Stardew Valley on mobile. ConcerendApe mentions that the rewrite of the game’s code will make it easier for any future content to implementation. This is very good news for mobile players, as it likely means speedier implementation of any future expansions that could become available.

In the meantime, Stardew Valley fans playing on mobile devices will want to be aware of glitches and bugs and report them when found. Hopefully, future patches will quickly create the seamless gameplay experience so many fans of the game are used to on PC and home consoles.

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