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Will new Smash Ultimate DLC be revealed at The Game Awards? Leaks & more

Published: 19/Nov/2020 17:49

by Michael Gwilliam


With The Game Awards scheduled for December 10, Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans are once again waiting to see if lightning strikes twice and a new DLC fighter is revealed.

While no DLC was revealed at the 2019 Game Awards, much to the displeasure of some fans, 2018’s installment saw the announcement of Persona’s Joker as the first character in the original Fighters Pass.

Now, with The Game Awards creeping up, fans are once again speculating on the possibility that a new fighter is shown off. TGA is known to showcase all sorts of new games, trailers and more so there’s always a chance for a surprise Smash update.


The good news, at least for Smash players, is that there are some signs that may point to a reveal happening at the December event.

Doomslayer in Smash
Many fans have wanted Doomslayer/Doomguy in Smash.

Doomguy in Smash?

Firstly, it’s important to remember the date that The Game Awards takes place on: December 10. The original Doom was released back on the same day in 1993 and Doom Eternal has been nominated for several awards.

Given the fact Doom Eternal is still slated to come out on Nintendo Switch, this would be an opportune time to announce a release date or maybe even Doomguy coming to Smash Ultimate.

As Dexerto previously reported, the developers are open to the idea of Doomguy appearing in Smash and they even spoke to Nintendo about it according to director Marty Stratton.


There’s also the never debunked video of Mallow and Cacodemon Mii costumes, further suggesting that a Doom-Smash crossover could be happening.

Fortnite rumors have surfaced

Another very possible crossover is with Fortnite. Notably, a leaked conversation between Geoff Keighley and Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard hinted at a Smash tie-in.

According to prominent leaker Firemonkey, when Mustard was asked about Fortnite in the Smash universe he quickly stated that he “couldn’t comment about it.”

In the past, whenever big names straight up refuse to comment on the possibility of a Smash crossover, there’s a good sign something is in the works. The exact same thing happened with Suda51 when he was asked about Travis Touchdown coming to the game. Shortly after, it was revealed that Travis was a Mii Fighter.


League of Legends leaks remain unanswered

Finally, we have another interesting leak that has yet to be proven false. A leaker who correctly said Smash would have a Trials of Mana 3 Spirit Event and League of Legends games would come to Nintendo also stated that a LoL fighter would be coming as well.

League of Legends Smash leak
Will League of Legends get a Smash Ultimate fighter?

League of Legends in Smash would fill the gap for a MOBA character and just like with Fortnite, such an announcement would be huge if made at The Game Awards.

There are just four characters remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2, but hopefully we find out who the next DLC is before the end of the year. This years TGA will be broadcasted live on December 10.