New Smash Ultimate DLC sales report is good sign for third Fighters Pass

. 2 years ago
Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Volume 3

Nintendo’s latest financial report spells very good news for Smash Ultimate fans hoping that more DLC is released after Fighters Pass Volume 2 concludes in 2021.

Super Smash Bros UItimate has quickly become one of the most legendary video games in history since its release in 2018 thanks to its ever-growing roster of fighters.

With over 80 fully playable fighters, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will ever be able to replicate the vastness of Ultimate’s cast. This is why some fans want the game to continue growing through the Switch’s lifespan. Now, that’s looking like a real possibility.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 is performing well

Despite global health concerns affecting development and only ARMS’ Min Min releasing at the trail end of Q2, sales of downloadable content for Smash increased with Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Nintendo's DLC sales figures
Smash DLC is selling very well.

In fact, digital software in general had a 139.4% year-on-year increase with full titles and add-on content.

Not only that, but Smash Ultimate in general continues to keep performing. Since release, the game has generated over 21 million sales, putting it behind just Mario 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

So, with all this info added up, it would make sense for Nintendo to launch a third Fighters Pass once Volume 2 concludes.

Completed Smash Ultimate DLC board
There is room for four new characters after Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Four final fighters?

Nintendo may even have been preparing for this. As Dexerto previously reported back in June, the character screen will still have four empty slots once all of the Volume 2 DLC is released.

However, if players choose to “stack” echo fighters in the character select screen, it looks perfectly even. This could be because a third Fighters Pass will only include new echo fighters. They would be a lot easier to design than full-blown characters. As it stands, there have not been any new echo fighters since the game released.

There are still four characters to be revealed for Fighters Pass Volume 2. After that the future is uncertain. Hopefully, if sales keep performing, Nintendo will announce a third one to close out Smash’s DLC run.

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