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Strange Smash Ultimate Min Min glitch locks new fighter’s arms in place

Published: 30/Jun/2020 21:34

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash Ultimate’s latest 8.0.0 patch saw the addition of the game’s newest fighter, Min Min, alongside a bunch of balance changes to the cast. It also added a freakishly bizarre glitch for the game’s ARMS representative.

Many Smash fans eager to get their hands on the game’s latest character were quick to discover that she came equipped with a strange issue where her extendable arms can freeze in place.

The glitch, posted on the Smash Bros subreddit, sees Min Min’s arm get locked in place after knocking an opposing fighter off the stage.


In Smash Ultimate, the game will zoom in for a kill screen when a potentially game-winning blow is landed. Sometimes, however, the kill screen will be false, leading to a potential recovery for the player who got hit.

I found a glitch with Min Min from smashbros

With Min Min, it seems like the glitch occurs when she lands an attack that triggers the false kill screen. This also seems like it only affects Min Min’s Dragon attachment.

Luckily, however, the now-frozen extended arm cannot do any additional damage – even if an enemy walks into it.

That said, because it’s the Dragon attachment, Min Min can still activate its fire attack, which also seems to unfreeze the arms in the process.


Min Min kicks Wii Fit Trainer
Min Min is having a rough debut.

We should expect Nintendo to fix this bug in an upcoming patch. Notably, when Terry Bogard was first released, a glitch caused the Ice Climbers to literally freeze his character. Nintendo released an update shortly thereafter.

It will be interesting to see how online tournaments handle the bug. Because it seems to only hurt Min Min players and not their opponents, it’s unlikely the game’s new fighter gets banned from competition – unless, of course, players find a way to use the glitch to their advantage.

Until then, it’s something to be aware of when playing Smash Ultimate’s ARMS representative.