How to master Min Min in Smash Ultimate – tips and tricks

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Min Min victory screen

Smash Ultimate’s second Fighter Pass expansion has just released, bringing yet another challenger to Sakurai’s ever-expanding roster. Make sure you arm yourself with these best Min Min tips if you wish to crush your opponents with game-winning plays.  

ARMS’ Min Min may be the latest contender to enter Smash Ultimate’s highly competitive arenas, but this noodle-loving girl is no stranger to a fight. In fact, Min Min is all too used to beating the living snot out of a cast of colorful characters. 

This deadly brawler can safely pummel foes from a distance with her spring-like punches, overwhelming them with lightning-fast jabs and charged smash attacks. If that wasn’t enough, Min Min can also use her added range to grapple opponents and set up killer combos. Make sure you check out the tips outlined below if you wish to increase your win rate with Smash Ultimate’s latest star.

How to use Min Min’s abilities

ARM’S Change (Down + B)

Min Min’s punches are extremely lethal thanks to her interchangeable arm attachments. Pressing down + B will allow you to cycle through Ramram, Megawatt, and Dragon. Each of these right ARMS have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll want to constantly switch between these depending on the situation. 

For example, the Megawatt (metal ball) is much slower and has reduced range when compared to Min Min’s other ARMS, but it deals a huge amount of damage, making it a great finisher move. Try to land this whenever your opponent is on 40/50% damage to secure a quick knockout blow. 

Megawatt smash attack
The Megawatt smash attack makes for some incredibly satisfying knockouts.

Meanwhile, RamRam is extremely fast and allows you to constantly maintain pressure, often forcing your foe into choosing between blocking or taking incremental amounts of damage. Use this attachment to weave in a constant stream of attacks and catch any particularly mobile fighters off guard.

Your main zoning moves will come from Min Min’s Dragon attachment. This ARM has a huge amount of reach and is great at zoning your enemy. You can even add to this range by tapping B straight after the smash attack to shoot out a deadly stream of fire, so consider doing this whenever you have the chance. 

Punch (A/B)

You can take control of Min Min’s left and right ARM by using both the corresponding attack button (A) and the special move button (B). Simply tapping the button will unleash a normal attack, while holding either button and tilting the stick will convert them into deadly smash attacks.

ARMS Jump / ARM Hook (Up+B)

ARMS Jump move
Reach new heights with Min Min’s ARMS Jump.

This spring-like move is Min Min’s main recovery option. The first variation sees the fighter crouch down on the ground before using her spring-like arms to launch herself into the air. ARMS Jump is great for when you need to dodge a lethal smash attack or simply wish to duke your opponent. 

Meanwhile, ARM Hook allows you to spike any enemies that have been knocked into the air, giving you the perfect opportunity to snag an early KO. However, you’ll mainly be using this move to save yourself from any frustrating falls. If you get hit off the stage, simply latch onto the nearest ledge and pull yourself up. The recovery distance is fairly forgiving, so don’t be afraid to go for those flashy offstage plays. 

Min Min general strategy & tips

Dragon Smash attack
Send foes flying with this deadly Dragon attack.

Min Min prefers to keep her opponents an arm’s length away, relying purely on her superior range to barrage those that try to get close to her. As a result, it’s best to focus on poking your foe with Dragon and following up with some heavy hits from Megawatt to send them reeling. 

Megawatt is by far your most damaging ARM and you’ll want to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities where you can slam this metal wrecking ball directly into the fray. Being able to deliver a knockout blow when your enemy has 40% damage is crazy, especially when you consider how much range this thing has. 

Should your foe manage to break through your ranged onslaught, then be ready to use Min Min’s flurry of kicks to create some distance. This move may not deal a lot of damage, but it can help you break free from any unwanted close-quarters combos. If that wasn’t enough, Min Min’s somersault kick can reflect ranged attacks, making it a great defensive option when you’re dealing with any pesky projectiles. 

Grapple attack
Take advantage of defensive foes with game-winning grapples.

At the start of a match, it’s best to use your Dragon and Ramram ARM to apply damage and force your enemy into blocking. To break through their defense, simply use a ranged grapple and follow up with a forward throw. Not only will this send your opponent flying, it will also empower your Dragon ARM, increasing both its physical and fire breath damage.

Forward throws are also a big part of Min Min’s overall playstyle as they keep foes at a distance and allow her to unleash her deadliest moves. As a result, you’ll want to always look for opportunities where you can punish any blocking fighters. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to go for those offstage plays. While Min Min can safely spike airborne opponents by adjusting the trajectory of her punches, she can put this range to good use when leaving the stage. Just remember to use ARM Hook to grapple onto the nearest ledge to avoid falling into the abyss below. 

There you have it, plenty of tips for mastering Min Min in Smash Ultimate. We’ll have more in-depth character guides when the next challenger approaches later this year. 

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