Smash Ultimate ‘leak’ claims 2B will be revealed at March Nintendo Direct

Michael Gwilliam

A new screenshot ‘leak’ has surfaced showing off the Nier Automata protagonist 2B in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The leak was first posted to the infamous imageboard website 4chan. In the low-quality image, a character who appears to be 2B is fighting ROB on the Battlefield stage.

According to the supposed leaker, the screenshot was from a reveal trailer due to be released at the end of the month as part of a Nintendo Direct.

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Will Nier’s 2B be the 6th DLC fighter?

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Nintendo fans have been waiting for quite some time for a general Direct not geared towards a specific game. The last Smash direct was back on September 4, 2019 where Terry Bogard was revealed for Ultimate.

The leaker went on to claim that according to their source, 2B “uses various weapons from her game including Combat Bracers, Spear, Small Swords, and Large Swords.”

Furthermore, they added that she “seems to be a combo heavy character” and that she moves as fast as Cloud.

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2B in Smash or not to be in Smash. That is the question.

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2B has been a popular DLC candidate for both Western and Japanese audiences. According to a recent poll of Japanese Smash fans, she was the fifth-most requested character behind only Rex from Xenoblade, Hunter from Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry’s Dante, and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora.

That said, many fans that their doubts that the 2B leak is in fact real. On Twitter, MistressDove observed that 2B’s model looked just like the one used in Soul Calibur 6.

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“Maybe I’m just going crazy but that’s what it looks like to me,” she wrote and posted the two images side-by-side.

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Niko also felt that the screenshot matched all the criteria of a generic leak with a blurry photo and vague information. “I would like 2B in Smash but this looks pretty fake,” he added.

Of course, while 2B may not be coming to Smash, there’s no evidence that suggests that a new fighter will be announced soon. On the Japanese Smash website, it was revealed that DLC cards will be going on sale March 23, suggesting that a new character could be revealed around that time.

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Additionally, MandyCan, the leaker who correctly claimed Byleth would be Smash’s fifth DLC fighter is still claiming that Crash Bandicoot will be the sixth character added, although he’s unsure as to when the announcement will be.

Only time will tell if the popular PlatinumGames star will enter the fray or if it’s simply not meant to be.

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