Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 cards hint at possible DLC release


The Japanese Smash Bros Ultimate website now lists physical cards for the first Fighters Pass, as well as Volume 2, suggesting that another fighter may be arriving soon.

The cards in question contain codes for all six of the yet-to-be-announced fighters still to come, and even come packaged in the game’s signature invitation letter.

Whenever a new character is announced, they are featured in a trailer where they receive an invitation letter,  just like the one packaged in with the cards.

Who will the upcoming fighters be?

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However, the most intriguing part of the package is its release date.

According to the Japanese website, the cards will go on sale beginning Monday, March 23rd. Considering Byleth was released on January 16, ample time would have passed between the last character and these cards.

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Thus, it’s possible that the cards’ release could coincide with an announcement of the game’s newest fighter.

The second Fighters Pass will feature six new characters and six new stages.

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Additionally, rumors have been circulating about a Nintendo Direct airing in March. What better way to reveal the sixth Smash Ultimate fighter than during a Nintendo Direct broadcast to hype up the new addition and the DLC cards?

While the cards themselves do not provide any clues as to the identity of the mysterious sixth DLC fighter, a leaker who correctly claimed Byleth would be the fifth fighter also claimed that Crash Bandicoot would be next up.

Considering the fact that Crash is highly requested in both North America and Japan, it’s looking even more likely that the Bandicoot will be joining the roster – if not as the sixth fighter, then at some point, eventually.

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Will Crash be the sixth fighter?

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Another fan-favorite in the east and west is Devil May Cry’s Dante, who was the second-most requested character in Japan after Kingdom Hearts’ Sora. Could he be coming to Smash as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2?

Luckily, March 23 is right around the corner, so we won’t have long to wait to see if a new fighter or Nintendo Direct is announced.