Six third-party characters Nintendo needs to add to Smash Bros Ultimate


With six characters still to come as part of Smash Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2, speculation is running wild. Who has Nintendo chosen as the final six to round out the game’s legendary roster?

What we know so far is that each fighter will come with a stage and original music – just like with the first Fighters Pass. Additionally, the DLC is scheduled to conclude no later than December 2021, meaning that the 11th fighter is still quite a way off.

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The question still remains, however: who will they be? With seemingly any character in history a potential candidate and multiple developers hoping to work with Nintendo, narrowing down our picks wasn’t easy.

Who will the final six characters be?

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It’s likely that the pass will include at least one first-party character, but the most hype announcements are always the third-party ones that make people say: “Is that person really coming to Smash?”

Without further ado, here are our choices for six third-party characters we want to see added to Smash Bros Ultimate.

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Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Square Enix
Lara Croft is too iconic to not come to Smash.

When it comes to iconic female characters, few are as memorable as Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

With more than enough tools in her arsenal to choose from, she shouldn’t have a problem in transitioning from sacred grounds to the battlegrounds of Smashville and Pokemon Stadium 2.

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Considering the fact that Square Enix already has Cloud Strife in the game, it’s evident that Nintendo is more than willing to work with the Final Fantasy developer.

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Smash Bros Ultimate is a celebration of gaming, and when it comes to characters with major influences, Lara Croft could certainly be celebrated.

Dante – Devil May Cry

Dante is more than just a sword fighter.

With Devil May Cry now firmly associated with Nintendo through ports, it’s looking likely that Dante will be added to the company’s flagship fighter.

Yes, he would be yet another sword character, but Dante has enough abilities to make his kit more than just the blade.

He can shoot, use telekinesis, hit opponents with an electric guitar, and the Balrog for melee combat. Capcom has many potential candidates such as Leon S. Kennedy and Viewtiful Joe, but Dante is just too iconic to pass up.

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John Madden – Madden NFL

EA Sports
John Madden would be the first real person added to Smash.

Okay, hold up. We know what you’re thinking – why? Here’s why: traditional sports games do not have any representation in Smash, yet they are a major part of the video game industry.

What better way to celebrate sports games than with Madden NFL’s John Madden.

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The legendary coach and sportscaster would be the first time a “real person” was added to Smash and the first time that a non-originally video game character makes an appearance.

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He could use footballs as projectiles, tackle attacks and more. Honestly, coming up with a kit for Madden could be almost as much fun as playing as him.

Sarah Kerrigan – StarCraft

Blizzard Entertainment
Sarah Kerrigan could be the most iconic RTS character.

Sticking with the celebration of gaming theme, StarCraft’s importance to esports cannot be understated and as such, its hero-turned-antagonist-turned-hero-again Sarah Kerrigan would be a great addition.

Many people forget that StarCraft had a Nintendo 64 port, so the title, amusingly has some history with Nintendo.

The PC version, however, is responsible for the boom of esports competitions in South Korea and is the one many people remember oh-so fondly.

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Kerrigan could make for a unique fighter in either Zerg or Terran form, though a transformation like Zelda-Shiek in Melee could be the best way to implement her.

Ghost form could have a gun and more Snake-like projectiles while the Queen of Blades version could be more Melee-based. It’s a long shot, but Kerrigan could be one heck of a fighter.

Johnny Silverhand – Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt
Keanu Reeves in Smash could be amazing.

This is how we get Keanu Reeves in Smash Bros.

While Cyberpunk has yet to be released and may not even come to Nintendo Switch, the game is shaping up to by an incredible experience in part due to the game’s cast.

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Not much is known about the character right now, but if we base him on other roles the Canadian actor has had recently, it’s likely that Silverhand would be a force of nature on the battlefield.

Additionally, with so many neat weapons and tech in the game, there should be no shortage of tools needed to make Silverhand a fun fighter ripe for Smash.

Master Chief – Halo

Would any of character break the internet like Master Chief?

Ever since Banjo was announced for Smash, one thing was clear: Nintendo and Microsoft are willing to work together.

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Master Chief is easily one of the most recognizable faces (ironically) of the FPS genre and would seriously break the internet if he was announced for Smash.

Just like with Lara Croft, Chief would have no shortage of tools at the ready to slash, blast and, obviously, smash the competition.

There’s really no better candidate to close out Smash Ultimate’s DLC with a bang.

With so many fighters up for grabs, we can’t wait to see who Nintendo actually enlists to round out the massive roster.

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