Japanese Smash Ultimate fans want several obscure characters as DLC

Michael Gwilliam

Japanese fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate have weighed in on the characters they want to see added to the game as DLC, and some of their suggestions may surprise you.

As part of a questionnaire commissioned by Inside-Games, over 3,000 people were asked to vote on characters they want, and the fifteen most popular were published.

While there were some characters who often appear on wishlists from North American fans, many who made the cut were uncommon.

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Japanese Smash fans want a Touhou Project rep.

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For instance, with forty-two votes, the character of Hakurei Reimu from the shoot ’em up series Touhou Project was the thirteenth overall most-requested character.

Another interesting suggestion was Altria Pendragon from the Fate/Grand Order mobile game series at eleventh place with fifty-three votes.

Fans who voted for her cited the series’ popularity and the 15th anniversary of the visual novel “Fate/stay night” as their reasoning.

Could Puyo Puyo’s Arle come to Smash?

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The unique choices didn’t stop there: At ninth place with fifty-six votes, fans even voted for the Puyo Puyo protagonist Arle.

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According to fans, a lack of female characters and fighters from puzzle games were reasons to vote for her.

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This said, many of the most-requested characters are common amongs North American audiences, as well. Crash Bandicoot, who is rumored to be the sixth DLC character, amusingly, had the sixth most votes with sixty-five.

Crash is already rumored to be DLC fighter 6.

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2B from Nier Automata came fifth with seventy votes. Fans cited 2B’s weapons and style as reasons she should get the nod to join the roster.

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Third and fourth place consisted of JRPG characters with Rex from Xenoblade and Hunter from Monster Hunter. While Xenoblade already has a character with Shulk, Hunter could be as iconic of an addition as Dragon Quest’s Hero.

The final two characters are arguably the most-requested in both North America and Japan, with Dante from Devil May Cry at ninety-one and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora at with a massive 290.

Square Enix
290 fans voted for Sora.

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While Dante has been rumored for quite some time, a recent report suggested that Disney prevented Sora  from being added to Smash.

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Another character who received votes but is unlikely to be added is Dragon Ball Z’s Goku. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai has gone on record stating that Smash will only have content from video games, so the Super Saiyan won’t be powering up into Ultimate.

With six DLC fighters still go come, it’s worth waiting to see how many of these if any actually end up joining the roster in the future.

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