Smash Melee and V-Tubers collide with Star Fox commentators and it’s incredible

smash melee fox falcovia esugcp

A Smash Melee fan recreated a highlight from Mainstage 2021 that turned the event hosts into V-Tubers taking on Fox and Falco’s appearance and it’s brilliant.

Popular Smash commentators Oscar ‘Lovage’ Nilsson and Kris ‘Toph’ Aldenderfer were on the mic with Cloud9 legend Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez throughout the weekend. The trio cast a match between Justin ‘Wizzrobe Hallett and Avery ‘Ginger’ Wilson that produced incredible moments.

Ginger’s game 1 win over Wizzrobe was insane and the commentary for the match was on point. This gave Reddit user ‘esugcp’ inspiration to recreate the broadcast using the casters’ main Smash picks.

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The results show what the possibilities for future implementation in some Smash events could entail by giving the broadcast an extra bit of flair.

smash melee fox falcovia esugcp
Falco and a couple of Fox avatars made for an incredible reimagining of Mainstage 2021.

Mainstage 2021 hosts made into V-Tubers

The clip shows Toph, Lovage, and Mang0, who were live and in-person during Mainstage 2021, as Fox (green), Fox (purple), and Falco, respectively.

The official broadcast on Twitch played out normally but esugcp’s rendered version added another element of enjoyment to the moment.

During the match, the avatars’ heads emoted and moved along with the events of the fight as the broadcasters reacted. In between games, the V-Tube’d hosts gave the scene something to look at while b-roll of audiences and the players were shown.

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“I truly [wish] there was a mod to look all the commenters like this. Always,” one fan wrote.

“I wouldn’t want it to take away from the summit couch vibe,” another person said. “This would be dope at an online tournament where the casters are all remote, though.”

Though a major tournament wouldn’t need a feature like this, Smash fans were gleaming at the clip and wondering if V-Tube hosts have a spot in the scene.