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Smash Ultimate pro gets in huge car crash on way to major tournament

Published: 16/Nov/2021 17:27 Updated: 17/Nov/2021 2:55

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Charlie ‘Charliedaking’ Antoun was involved in a brutal car crash on his way to Mainstage 2021, causing him to be disqualified from the event.

Charliedaking is one of Smash Ultimate’s most prominent Wolf mains and one of the top competitors the esport has to offer. Unfortunately for fans, he was MIA at Mainstage thanks to a car accidents moments away from the venue.

On November 13, Charlie found himself disqualified from the event after he didn’t show up. Despite fans’ confusion, he revealed why in a tweet late at night showing the state of his car.


Luckily, the Smash pro survived, but the accident has caused quite a lot of pain in his life and is asking the community for help.

Smash pleads for help after big car accident

According to Charlie, he was just five minutes from the venue in Ontario, California when the driver in an SUV ahead of him suddenly slammed on their breaks “extremely hard.”

“I slammed on my brakes and tried to veer to the right but the shoulder was blocked by a barricade. I ended up hitting the barricade and then collided with the SUV,” he revealed. “Thankfully my passenger Jordan and I were okay outside of some neck and back pain. The SUV was mildly damaged and the people in it were thankfully unharmed as well.”


Unfortunately, his insurance isn’t covering the cost of the vehicle and the pro is asking the community to help him pay off the costs.

“I naively assumed it was already in my policy but because I obtained my insurance before owning a vehicle I never added personal car coverage. That vehicle was my pride and joy and I’ve lost it completely. It’s a catastrophe,” he said.

In addition to starting a GoFundMe to pay off the accident costs, Charlie also noted he offers coaching to players to help him improve.

Thus far, over $4,000 have been raised of the $12,000 needed. Hopefully, he can get his situation taken care of and get back to grinding the competitive Smash scene.