Sakurai reveals the lucky miracle that got Kingdom Hearts’ Sora into Smash Ultimate

. 9 months ago
Sora arriving in Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed how Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora was actually able to make it into the game, explaining how it’s a miracle he was added.

Sora was the most-requested Smash Ultimate fighter of all time, but according to Sakurai, Fighters Pass Volume 2 was ready to be released without him until a massive deal was struck between Disney and Nintendo.

In his new Famitsu column translated by PushDustIn and KodyNOKOLO, Sakurai explained how he thought getting Sora in Smash would prove to be nearly impossible with other members of the team having severe doubts as well.

The miracle of Sora in Smash

Miraculously, one day at an award show, Sakurai was given an opportunity to meet with a Disney representative and was able to make his case to add Sora to the game. The manager agreed he would be a great addition, but there were more hurdles to jump through.

“The higher-ups could feel differently and talks could fall apart. After long and careful discussions with Square, Nintendo, and Disney, the okay was finally given,” Sakurai said.

To make things even crazier, the Smash creator even revealed that originally, Fighters Pass Volume 2 only had five fighters and Sora was a last-moment addition.

Disney and Square Enix both oversaw the development and there was quite a lot of guidelines to follow, to make sure Sora turned out alright in the game.

Sakurai reveals career plans after Smash DLC

According to Sakurai, working on all the Smash DLC was like working on a whole new game and he may only be able to help make a few more.

That said, he doesn’t feel like Smash Ultimate is an ordinary game and rather a celebration of gaming. He’s happy to have worked on it and collaborate with so many other developers.

It’s unclear what the next game Sakurai has planned will be, but considering how incredible Smash Ultimate was, it’s doubtful that its roster size and scope can be topped. So we’ll have to wait and see.

Perhaps he’ll give some more insight into what’s next when his final Famitsu column in two weeks.

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