Some Smash Ultimate players can’t unlock Dearly Beloved Swing Version

Michael Gwilliam
Sora in Smash Ultimate victory screen

Sora has finally arrived in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and with him there are a bunch of Kingdom Hearts music tracks, including Dearly Beloved Swing Version. Here’s how you can unlock the song for yourself.

As revealed by Smash series creator Masahiro Sakurai, Sora was the most-requested fighter to appear in Nintendo’s flagship fighter, so he ended up saving the best for last to round out Fighters Pass Volume 2.

With so much music to choose from, the team decided to make one track, Dearly Beloved Swing Version, only available to certain players who have a save file for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory on their Switch.

Sora vs Sephiroth
Sora is finally in Smash Ultimate.

How to unlock Dearly Beloved Swing Version

Unlocking the track isn’t all that difficult, but you may need to dish out some money to do so, as it requires players to have a Melody of Memory save file on their Switch.

To unlock the song, you can either buy the game itself and play it a bit or get a friend to lend it to you. If you don’t have friends or money, you could try your luck at borrowing it from your local library or a place that still rents out games for cheap.

As long as you have a saved file on your current Switch, you should be all set. Sadly, some players have reported some issues with unlocking the song, primarily if they have a completely new console.

Smash fans furious as older Melody of Memory saves won’t work

As reported by numerous players on forums and Twitter, users who transferred from their original Nintendo Switch with Melody of Memory save files won’t be able to unlock Dearly Beloved Swing version in Smash.

According to Nintendo Insider Samus Hunter, you need to have played the game at least once on your new console – something that wasn’t mentioned in the final Sakurai Presentation.

As such, anyone who traded the game in or no longer has it should try their luck at any of the other suggestions listed above.

In any case, players want Nintendo to fix this problem so their collection of Smash tunes can finally be complete.