Smash pro drops controller in toilet and it cost him a major tournament

Sam Comrie
Kola Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Con, BeyondTheSummit

Competitive Super Smash Bros is a showcase for the best of the best, but pro player Kola fumbled his chances at success after dropping his custom controller down the toilet. 

Kolawole ‘Kola’ Aideyan, previously known as Salt One, is considered one of the best Roy and Cloud Smash players in the world, and has come out on top time and time again in competitions.

While needing supreme skills is pretty important when it comes to esports competitions, you do also need a big slice of luck. A misplay from an opponent or simply getting a favourably bracket helps immensely.

However, while representing MoistCr1TiKaL’s pro team at Super Smash Con, Kola made a mistake that led him down a slippery slope, quite literally.

YouTube: penguinz0
Team Moist competed at this year’s Super Smash Con.

Kola ends up “in the damn toilet”

Just like other Smash pros, Kola has a custom controller that he competes with in each event, but at Super Smash Con, that controller went awry.

He didn’t smash it in a fit of rage or not get it back after letting someone else use it while he waited to compete, oh no. It was a much stranger situation than that.

As Super Smash Con unfolded as the event was waiting for a new game to start, the casters dished on the unfortunate situation. “Breaking news!” presenter Rod told the audience. “Kola actually dropped his controller in the damn toilet.”

“He’s not the only thing that’s moist now I guess,” commented Rod’s co-host Max, poking light at the situation.

The hosts considered lending Kola their controller to use, but fans had already started joking about what they’d just heard.

Despite this unforeseen blunder, Kola managed to make it to fifth place within the competition. Not bad for someone literally dropping his matches down the toilet.

At least he’s upholding the Moist team name all the way to the end.