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Atelier Ryza 2 devs eager for Smash Ultimate fighter collaboration

Published: 8/Oct/2020 23:33 Updated: 9/Oct/2020 0:13

by Alan Bernal


The developers of ‘Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy’ are brimming with excitement for a possibility of having a character from their RPG in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, if Nintendo ever presents the opportunity.

With another entry in the Atelier Ryza franchise on the way, dev team Gust’s (KOEI TECMO) are eager to see how their characters can evolve outside of the game. Talking to Nintenderos, developer Junzo Hosoi said that the team wouldn’t mind seeing Reisalin ‘Ryza’ Scout join the fight in Smash.

“If (Nintendo) asked us if we would like her to be included, I think the whole development team would respond with a big, ‘YES,’” Junzo said.

Unfortunately, as it stands, this is all wishful thinking. Nintendo hasn’t given the Atelier Ryza devs a signal that a spot in Smash would open up to them: “I don’t think we’re part of Nintendo’s plans.”

A rep from the Atelier Ryza would seamlessly fit in Smash Ultimate.

Could Ryza fit in the Smash roster?

With the second wave of Fighter Pass contestants coming to the game soon, Nintendo could already have its lineup at least planned for the months to come. But since Steve from Minecraft was announced as the seventh DLC fighter, people feel like the possibilities are endless for who can come in the Vol. 2 offerings.

Although Minecraft’s worldwide popularity is undeniable, having the protagonist with a fully realized set of unique attacks was met with both excitement and confusion from Smash fans.

If Nintendo were looking to keep players on their toes, while also introducing vibrant characters to their lineup, someone from the Atelier Ryza series could fit the bill nicely.

Anyone of Atelier Ryza’s cast could have a place in Smash; even Fi as a spirit!

The moveset for someone like the young Alchemist Ryza could include a vast array of long-range attacks with mixup potential – not to mention the damage output that her Staff could dish out.

This is, of course, assuming that Nintendo would have their sights on the titular character, since there is a trove of rich fighters in the RPG.

As of now, Smash x Ryza fans will have to wait on any potential updates on that front, but if Nintendo ever does contact Gust, they’ll be raring to go.


Ubisoft responds to Watch Dogs Legion bug overheating & crashing Xbox

Published: 28/Oct/2020 13:10 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 13:13

by Andrew Highton


Ubisoft have confirmed they are working on a fix for a devastating Watch Dogs Legion bug already, which is forcing Xbox One X consoles to not only overheat but shut down completely. 

Just as the review embargo for Watch Dogs Legion lifted on October 27, a catastrophic bug was reported. The issue will actually cause the Xbox to stop working, in some cases, forcing its developers to publicly admit a huge issue – despite previously stating it was the  “recommended platform for reviewers”.

The bug seemingly occurs during an aptly titled mission “404”. It’s currently unclear if it can emerge during any other missions, as of the time of writing.

Ubisoft have since addressed the issue with a simple message for reviews and potential players of the game.

A character riding a bike in Watch Dogs Legion
Is the game currently unplayable?

Ubisoft respond to Watch Dogs Legion bug

The bug is not a one-off either, as multiple outlets have reported that they get the same message. At some point during the mission, the Xbox console warns the player that the console is about to shut down because it’s overheating badly.

Ubisoft have since issued this statement with regards to the matter: “We’re aware of this issue and there will be a hot fix due to be released on 30th October which should help.”

Whilst it’s positive that they are already on the case to try and solve the mystery of this bug, it also means that the game could be currently unplayable for everyone with a copy of the game on release date. An unfinishable game is not ideal for Ubisoft who’ve worked tirelessly on Watch Dogs Legion and have promoted it a lot – as you would expect.

It remains to be seen how effective the hotfix is going to be. If Ubisoft can work furiously then this watch Dogs Legion bug may be fixed earlier than anticipated.

The release date for Legion is actually October 29, meaning players could spend a full day with the game and being unable to play it. If more information is confirmed, we’ll update this article and keep you updated.