Steve from Minecraft joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate as new fighter


Nintendo has revealed DLC fighter 7 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with a surprise reveal of Steve from Minecraft joining the battle!

New fighters are always highly anticipated, although the most recent, Min Min from ARMS, wasn’t exactly what everyone expected.

For Challenge Pack 2 of the Fighter’s Pass Volume 2, the iconic pickaxe-wielding Steve joins the ranks, and comes with different skins from Minecraft too.

You can purchase the pack individually for $5.99, or alternatively buy the Fighter’s Pass for $29.99, giving access to this and the remaining four fighters still to come.

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Steve in SmashSteve is the newest character to join the battle.

The reveal for Steve was so incredibly hyped, that over 400,000 people tuned in live to the stream, and the ensuing mayhem even appeared to crash Twitter, temporarily.

Steve is of course the base character in Minecraft, but will be joined in Smash by Alex and Enderman.

You can watch the full reveal, featuring an appearance from Sakurai, below.

In a couple days, on October 3, Sakurai will return with another stream to explain more about the character.

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But, he did explain that the developers had to rework many of the battle stages to accommodate for Minecraft blocks, so it will be interesting to see how gameplay is changed here.

Not to mention, Minecraft stages were shown off in the trailer, and we should see more about them on the October 3 stream.

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