Lexar 1TB MicroSD price plummets in killer Steam Deck upgrade deal

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Lexar 1TB MicroSD card

Running out of storage space on your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch? This great deal on a 1TB microSD card might be the answer.

Most modern AAA games take up a lot of storage space since all those high-resolution textures and sound files need to go somewhere. This can be a problem on portable gaming devices such as the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, or Asus ROG Ally as you can quickly find you are running out of space. Luckily there is a solution at hand with this Amazon deal on a Lexar 1TB MicroSD card, which is currently 47% off.

The Lexar 1TB MicroSD card is currently available at a massive drop from its usual MSRP. The Lexar MicroSD uses UHS-I technology to provide read speeds of up to 160MB/s and write speeds of up to 130MB/s. This speed is entirely sufficient for many titles, even AAA games such as Horizon Forbidden West.

Many owners of the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch will be familiar with the pain of being unable to install a new game or update an old one since the storage provided by default is insufficient. Thankfully installing an SD card into either of these devices is a simple way of dramatically increasing your available storage.

Lexar also says that this MicroSD card is designed for durability in harsh conditions, and as such is suitable for several outdoor uses such as in action cameras, drones, and smartphones. Lexar also offers a limited lifetime warranty for the card and a one-year limited warranty for the included adapter.

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