xQc hits back after shroud and more criticize him over Rust stream sniping drama

Luke Edwards
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Twitch streamer xQc has condemned a fellow streamer for making him look like a “psychotic idiot” amid ridicule for accusing Rust opponents of ‘stream sniping’.

xQc has been in the firing line ever since the OfflineTV Rust server took over Twitch. Rust, a multiplayer survival game released in 2013, has seen a mini-renaissance at the turn of the year, with some of Twitch’s biggest streamers joining the OfflineTV server to battle it out.

But gathering so many personalities under one roof was bound to cause controversy, and the server has since been flooded with drama. At the center is Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who has been under fire for accusing opponents of ‘stream sniping’, with some fans flooding other channels to abuse streamers.

A new controversy has emerged, however. After xQc’s faction “Team Rocket” died in the middle of the sea after a failed landing on a ship, they returned to find all their inventory was missing. It emerged EdisonParks had used outside info to locate the drops, and xQc wasn’t happy.

Rust has been the centre of Twitch drama since the turn of the year.

xQc accuses EdisonPark of ‘stream sniping’

The controversy first started when xQc spotted Parks’ location on Myth’s stream. He was out where xQc’s team had died, which would have required outside information.

“That’s shameless, dude,” xQc said.

Edisonparks explained he was logged off the server and watching Ash_on_lol’s stream, and saw two pieces of information about xQc’s team freezing to death and about a helicopter. With this info, he surmised they had died in the middle of the ocean, and followed a convoy path until he found the bodies.

Park apologized for abusing information he shouldn’t have had access to, and offered to return the items. He said: “I didn’t realize it at the time, but the reason Myth had made a comment about their heli was because he had watched a clip of them crashing their heli.

“If not for this, there’s no way I could have known a heli was even involved. Looking back, because I acted on information I technically shouldn’t have had access to, I think it’s only fair that I give back what I found on the bodies.”

However, xQc wasn’t happy. He said: “I make mistakes and most of the time I admit to my own faults even if it hurts. Somehow you guys do really scummy shit and play the denial card every time and make me look like the psychotic idiot.”

Shroud criticizes ‘juiced’ xQc

xQc has taken a fair amount of stick from other streamers over the past few days for accusing opponents of ‘stream sniping’. Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek said xQc was playing a “dangerous game” with these accusations.

“xQc should really keep that stuff to himself,” he said. “Calling people out for stream sniping ain’t cool, unless you know for a fact they’re doing it. He’s playing a dangerous game.”

The Canadian was also forced to apologize after some of his fans sent death threats to other streamers when xQc complained about them on-air.

Shroud defended xQc as a “respectful” person, but condemned some of his on-stream antics.

“I’ve played with him a couple times, on stream and off-stream and he’s always super super respectful,” he said.

“But I wish he was a little more respectful of others. I know it’s for content, but sometimes it can be a little mean. He’s hella juiced up when he’s live.”

With all the drama caused by PvP taking over the current server, OfflineTV announced they will be releasing a new, roleplay-focused server with a smaller number of streamers allowed.

Whether xQc will be one of these streamers is up in the air, but it seems unlikely. It doesn’t drop until January 7, so you can expect the antics on the current server to continue for a while yet.

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