xQc slams “garbage” streamers in Twitch Rivals Rust server for making it “boring as f**k”

xQc sat in front of Rust mapTwitch: xQc/Facepunch Studios

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit out at some “trash” streamers who he believed had stream sniped his team in Rust as he decided to end his stream in a fit of rage. 

Over the last few years, Rust has been used as one of those games to bring a whole bunch of streamers together. Whether it be as a part of Twitch Rivals or OfflineTV’s private server, it usually gets a moment in the spotlight.

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Though, whenever it has become a regular feature on Twitch, it usually leads to some drama. And, at times, xQc has been a part of it – regularly hitting out at other streamers for not doing things the right way. 

Well, it happened again as a part of the new Twitch Rivals event for May 2023, with the Canadian streamer believing opposing teams had stream sniped his squad to find the key points in their base. 

xQc blasts “boring” streamers ruining Twitch Rivals Rust event

If you’re a Rust newbie, the aim of the game is to build up supplies until you can attack your enemy’s base and their Tool Cupboards. These cupboards – also known as TC’s – are the things that keep a base going, so they’re usually well hidden from foes. 

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Though, xQc believed some streamers had stream sniped his squad to find theirs. “When they rush through it and they think it’s Pog, it is not Pog,” he said. “It’s boring for them and boring for us. Just make more by doing less, that’s sort of how it goes. It’s called making content. 

“When that shit doesn’t happen on a content server, it’s just trash. Everybody can go on a server and ghost somebodies stream and rush through all their bases and it just makes the whole event boring as f*ck.”

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The former Overwatch star didn’t let it lie there, though, as he started to end his stream for the night and then decided to take off on the streamers again. 

“All these people in chat saying babyrage, you know what’s going to happen? The event is going to end and they will flatten out and become back to normal and your streamer is going to be back to being f*cking dead,” he continued. “And when they ask ‘why is this happening?’ it’s because they failed to realize they had to make something and create something and they will fail at that because they’re ego andys, dumb f*cks, and that’s what’s going to happen.

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“You’re not going to wonder ‘why is he going offline?’. Want to know why? Your streamer is a f*cking dogs*it piece of trash, and they are absolute garbage at their job.”

Some of xQc’s squad did stay on the server after he hopped off for the night, but it remains to be seen if he’ll return. 

And, if he does return, who knows just how he’ll take things when he runs into the opposing streamers in question.

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