Next-gen version of RDR2 canceled according to insider

Ryan Lemay

Red Dead Redemption 2 fans got a double dose of bad news as an insider revealed that a next-gen version of RDR2 was canceled. 

Rockstar confirmed that it is moving its development resources to Grand Theft Auto 6 instead of Red Dead and GTA Online. Red Dead Online fans were already “furious” with Rockstar for previously neglecting the game to focus on a GTA V remaster.

Red Dead fans even started a social media campaign titled “save Red Dead Online” in an effort to save the dying game. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick answered in May and told IGN, “I’ve heard the frustration, it’s flattering that they want more content, and more will be said by Rockstar in due time.”

Rockstar finally gave the response that was promised, but it was not the news Red Dead fans wanted.

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign earned award-winning recognition.

Rockstar cancels next-gen RDR2 upgrade

RDR2 insider Tez2 leaked that Rockstar is not interested in shipping out an enhanced version of Red Dead Redemption 2 for next-gen consoles.

As of February, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 43 million copies. The demand is obviously there, so some fans may be surprised that there are no plans to release an enhanced version.

An enhanced version of GTA V was released in March and it was slammed by players for lacking new gameplay upgrades. The release of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remaster went poorly as well and players demanded refunds for “buggy Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.”

Red Dead fans are tired of playing second fiddle to GTA and they feel neglected from being abandoned. Rockstar has had a turbulent year, and this latest leak only adds to the list of frustrations for RDR2 fans.