What happened to Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle Season 1? Where is she now?

Meera Jacka
What happened to Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle Season 1

Influencer Francesca Farago made her reality TV debut in Too Hot To Handle’s first season, featuring as one of the show’s ‘villains.’ But what has she been up to since the season first aired in 2020?

Too Hot to Handle is an unusual take on the classic dating show structure that many fans are used to. Taking a group of hot singles privy to casual hookups, the show aims to teach them how to make deeper emotional connections… and punishes them whenever they give into their sexual proclivities.

While the show doesn’t have the best track record of successful couples, it has inspired a new generation of influencers. This includes season 1’s Francesca Farago, whose handsy relationship with Harry Jowsey cost the group a lot of money.

Now that the show is airing its fifth season, many fans have been left wondering where the bombshell villain of season 1 is now.

Francesca Farago
Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago

Following their departure from the show, Francesca and Harry gave their relationship a go in the real world. However, things came to a tumultuous end after the pair broke up twice, first in 2020 and then again in 2021, this time for good.

Francesca went on to expand her Netflix Reality TV dating show experience, appearing in not one but two more shows on the platform.

She first appeared in Love Is Blind: After the Altar’s three-part reunion as Damian Powers’ date… only he had a girlfriend at the time. This resulted in a heated confrontation and the downfall of Damian’s relationship.

Francesca then appeared alongside Damian on Netflix’s new dating competition show, Perfect Match. She even made it to the finale before being eliminated.

Francesca Farago and fiancé Jesse Sullivan
Francesca Farago and her fiancé Jesse Sullivan

But it seems Francesca has finally found the one after meeting Jesse Sullivan in 2021. While there was a lot of confusion surrounding the timeline of their relationship — considering Francesca’s appearance in Perfect Match — it was revealed the two briefly broke up after Francesca was deported to Canada.

However, Jesse later said, “She did the show and the second she had her phone back she texted me and asked if I was still single… The second she came back it was like, ‘we’re in love, we’re exclusive.’ A lot of good came from [her doing the show].”

The two have since gotten engaged and even Jesse’s teen, Arlo, approves of the relationship, with Jesse telling TheThings that “Sometimes when people come into my life they try to baby Arlo, so Fran was really good at treating them like an equal. Now Arlo just sees us as a family.”

On March 31, Francesca announced via IG that she and Jesse are officially expecting their first child together, which will be Francesca’s first and Jesse’s second child.

” I am still pretty newly pregnant, and there’s so much more to come, but we are so excited to be growing our family with Arlo as the coolest older sibling! AHH IM PREGNANT,” she wrote in the caption.

Following her announcement, the couple revealed that they are actually expecting twins. As far as their pregnancy, fans were wondering who provided the eggs for their pregnancy since Jesse is a Trans male.

“Hi guys just a reminder! We’re not discussing who’s eggs / etc etc we used. I see a lot of comments assuming but I’m going to delete anything that relates to that question! Thank you for understanding,” was her response in the comments of her twins reveal video.